Brooks Ayers Says Vicki Gunvalson Still Believes He Has Cancer, Admits He 'Misspoke' About Recent Health Update

"I don't know why somebody would change their mind as many times as she does," Ayers says of his ex


Brooks Ayers is speaking out after Sunday’s explosive Real Housewives of Orange County reunion.

The episode saw his ex Vicki Gunvalson – who spent much of the season defending him and his controversial cancer diagnosis – say that her gut now told her that he doesn’t have cancer.

In an interview with E! News, Ayers said he spoke to Gunvalson following the reunion, and she told him she once again believes he has cancer.

“She said no, she didn’t feel like she’s been duped and secondly, she does now believe that I have cancer,” he said.

Ayers did not have an explanation for why Gunvalson had allegedly switched her position.

“You have to ask her. I don’t know why,” Ayers said. “I don’t know why somebody would change their mind as many times as she does.”

Ayers also corrected a health update he gave recently, in which he said that since being diagnosed with stage 3 non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 2013, his cancer had been downgraded to stage 2. He later learned that was not correct medical terminology, as a cancer diagnosis cannot be downgraded to a lower stage.

“I was trying to communicate that my numbers were improving, as a lay person, trying to communicate and I’m not a physician,” he said. “It doesn’t decline in stage so I totally misspoke about that.”

Ayers also addressed accusations made on the RHOC reunion that he had sent Gunvalson threatening text messages.

“There was no threatening. This is over-the-top, sensationalism,” said Ayers.

Before saying her gut told her Ayers did not have cancer, Gunvalson said earlier in the RHOC reunion that she was on the fence.

“I don’t have any proof that he doesn’t have cancer and he won’t give me enough proof that he does have cancer,” Gunvalson said. “So that’s where I’m at.”

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