Briana also shares a story about another time Ayers told her he had a strange cancer diagnosis

By Adam Carlson
October 05, 2015 11:40 PM

While we still don’t know anything for certain about Brooks Ayers’ controversial cancer diagnosis, in Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, we did learn two things:

Vicki Gunvalson thinks Satan is behind the whole thing, and her daughter Briana Culberson is ready to kill Ayers should his illness turn out to be a lie.

Gunvalson talked a lot about religion in the episode – specifically about the particularly devilish nature of the ladies’ speculation about Ayers.

He says he has cancer. He is going to all of these medical appointments. Gunvalson believes him.

“When is enough enough?” she asked the camera. “He’s got cancer.”

What Gunvalson couldn’t do was convince her daughter that Ayers is a good person.

In fact, Culberson and her family only decided to stay at the family home during their Orange County vacation because Ayers was away on business. But even then they said they couldn’t escape his bad vibes.

“It feels heavy and uncomfortable and there’s just kind of a nasty feeling when you walk in the door,” Culberson told her husband, Ryan – who made a comment himself about the “weird musk” left by Ayers’ presence.

Briana later clarified her feelings for the camera: “There is absolutely nothing Brooks can do for me to accept him.”

Even a perfectly pleasant family day at the zoo, with Gunvalson and her kids and a bunch of cute animals, was not entirely Ayers-free, as Briana wondered why it was that her mom always seemed to side with him.

“I think she fights to make something work that shouldn’t work, because she doesn’t want to be alone,” Briana said.

And then unknowingly, her storyline crossed with Ayers, when during an outing with Tamra Judge, Judge brought up all of their concerns about the cancer diagnosis.

Briana shared an Ayers-related cancer story of her own: When she first met him, he talked about having had pancreatic cancer – but then under Briana’s detailed questioning, he admitted it was pancreatitis, she said.

What could be going on with him and Gunvalson now?

“I’ll kill him. I’ll kill him myself,” Briana told Judge of Ayers, if it turns out he is tricking her mom. “Well she’s gonna find out … or he’s just going to be ‘cured’ one day.”

Drawing from her own medical expertise as a nurse, Briana told Tamra that some of what Ayers has said about his treatment sounds strange. And she agreed with some of the skepticism about the new PET/CT scan Ayers produced as proof of his illness, which Judge still didn’t understand.

Judge didn’t have a ton of time to worry about that, though: Away from all this talk of Ayers’ cancer (still), she was preparing for her baptism – including picking out a great white dress that Gunvalson wouldn’t immediately shoot down or try and steal.

The ceremony would be a clean slate moment for Judge, after an especially trying period of her life. At the end of the episode, the other women prepared to attend.

(There was even an especially outrageous and intimate moment between Shannon Beador, her husband, David, and what they thought was a lodged piece of plastic in her butt.)

The occasion made everyone reflective, and it made Gunvalson no less certain that all of these seeds of doubt were demonic.

“The truth is always the truth,” she said during the ride over to the baptism, adding, “Satan loves confusion. This is Satan’s work.”

Equally confusing for the women was why Gunvalson was so passionately defending Ayers.

Beador, the most worried, said, “The possibility that I’m being duped by Vicki is crushing to me.”

And then, with more certainty, she said: “Vicki Gunvalson might not be as good of a friend as I thought.”

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