'Real Housewives of O.C.' : Tamra Accuses Gretchen of Cheating


Gathering together one last time, the ladies of The Real Housewives of Orange County joined host Andy Cohen for a reunion special filled with tears, stunning accusations, more tears and a bevy of fake smiles.

The most enlightening moment was when Tamra brought to light her reasons for accusing Gretchen and her late fianc Jeff of having a “relationship of convenience.” Tam told a fairly convoluted story about a man named Jay — who claimed to be dating Gretchen — calling her cell phone late one night and demanding to get in touch with Gretchen after she’d left him on the side of a road. If Gretchen didn’t come get him, Tamra told the story, he’d go to Del Mar and “out her” immediately. According to Tam, the next morning Gretch dismissed the man as a “stalker.”

Gretchen looked like he was on the verge on tears during Tamra’s story, but did the right thing. Denied. Denied. Denied. Gretchen explained that this man was just an ex and a friend and there was “nothing going on.”

It got more uncomfortable when Tam explained that this supposed “ex” has since gone to dinner with Gretchen, Lynne and Jeana, who also admitted to seeing his clothes at Gretchen’s home.

“I don’t know why you have the strange intent to ruin ‘s reputations,” Gretchen said in her own defense. “Do you really hate me that much that you need to say the most ludicrous thing I’ve ever heard?”

The ladies were surprisingly more pleasant when they discussed Tamra’s attempt to get Gretchen “naked-wasted” at her etiquette party earlier in the program.

“We talked about it after and Tamra said she was sorry, so I moved on from it,” explained Gretchen, who also admitted not remembering much of her drunken behavior, which included intense flirting with Tamra’s son.

“I wasn’t pimping my son by any means,” Tam said. “That would be disgusting.” She did, however, admit to being ashamed of her efforts to get another woman drunk in hopes of humiliating her.

What else was going on?

Jeana said she was still “seeing” Alan who still lives in “geographically undesirable” Arizona, though she denied having sex with him.

Everyone wanted Jeana to be happy in love but it was hard to listen to her defend son Shane‘s behavior again. Especially in retrospect. “Shane just snapped. It’s like me saying I would kill for a piece of chocolate cake,” Jeana said. “Shane wouldn’t really hit me with a bat.”

On the other side of the stage Vicki admitted that she and Donn were trying their best to fix their marriage. Her love tank isn’t full yet, she said, but he’s filling it.

When Lynne — who broke into tears earlier in the show because the other women (specifically Tam and Vick) teased her about being a ditz — was questioned about her daughters underage drinking she explained, “I don’t want her Raquel to be fearful and just get in a car and drive.” To which Vicki self-righteously explained, “There is no underage drinking in my home, period.”

The hour-long program — which just flew by — ended with a surprise visit from Laurie and shots of tequila. “I’m not getting near that,” a resolute Gretchen said.

But the other ladies toasted to a fifth season of the show.

“Here’s to be being us,” Vicki said. “We deserve it after this season.”

Oh, Vicki. Always needing the last world. — Allison Gross

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