By People Staff
January 28, 2009 12:00 AM
Mitchell Haaseth/Bravo

As if we didn’t get enough of the next generation of Housewives and their House-bands with the recent incident involving Gretchen and Tamra‘s persistent son Ryan, Tuesday’s Real Housewives of Orange County followed some more youngsters with less than desirable behavior. And between disrespectful sons and a cocktail-guzzling daughter, the Housewives were definitely busy.

Planning to cheer on 22-year old son Shane in a minor league baseball game, Jeana — along with Vicki — headed to Chicago. The gals made a pit stop at Vic’s old home to catch up with her “.”

As the friends knocked back cosmos like women of Sex and the (Windy) City, conversation quickly took a turn for the obvious — pre-marital sex. Vicki offered up a tidbit about her O.C. pal: Jeana allowed her kids, at 16, to have sex in her home. Regardless of Vicki’s saintly stance on the topic, she didn’t look much better when the cameras caught her sitting on the lap of her best friend’s husband as she gave him butterfly kisses and tousled his hair.

The next day as the women traveled to Shane’s game, Jeana received a text from her son: “stay the f–k away from here.” He thought he would be on the bench for the game and didn’t want his mother and her friend to waste their time. But why so hostile? Jeana took the rude text as a sign of pride and continued on her way.

Once at the game, Shane continued acting like a boor. Let’s just say the f-word was used more than once. And when Jeana wasn’t getting it from Shane (who did end up playing — and well), she had her other son Colton to put her in place. “I don’t see why Vicki butts in, I was talking to you,” the younger sibling complained when scolding Jeana for noshing on ice cream.

Things didn’t sound much better at dinner when Shane unabashedly told his mother, “You’re lucky I didn’t throw a bat at you when you walked on the field.”

Back home, Lynne dealt with children issues of a different kind. Throwing a bash for both the Housewives and her beach friends, she looked on stunned when her 18-year-old daughter Raquel — along with five friends — strutted into the party in little cocktail dresses and headed straight to the bar.

“I don’t really believe in giving a kid a full ride,” Jeana said after talking with Raquel, who dropped out of college and is currently unemployed with no interests to speak of other than her boyfriend and booze.

Surprisingly, not everyone was so self-righteous. A benevolent Lynne toasted to Tamra being the “hottest housewife,” and even Tam’s biggest threat Gretchen chimed in.

“Lynne was so sweet to toast to me as the hottest Housewife,” a victorious Tamra gushed. “I don’t think there’s any argument about who’s the hottest … We’re all the hottest Housewife. Some are just hotter than others.”

But, like the hair and the boobs in the O.C., things aren’t always what they seem. “We can all just let Tamra think so,” Lynne said to the camera. — Allison Gross

Tell us: Which O.C. kid, Raquel or Shane, behaved the worst? Mitchell Haaseth/Bravo