'Real Housewives of O.C.' Delivers Drama to the Bitter End

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In last night’s season finale of The Real Housewives of Orange County, the ladies did what they do best: they threw a full-fledged fiesta.

Reuniting with friends like Lauri, Jo and Slade — who Tamra said looked like a “homo” — the ladies and their families mixed and mingled and sipped on fancy cocktails with the ocean as a beautiful backdrop.

Jeana waltzed in with her temporary-beau Alan, after he treated her to a lovely birthday dinner. “Jeana’s date was great, and Tam made a comment that she is no longer ‘Bitter Jeana’ so I think there might be some hanky-panky,” a solo Gretchen said. Her fianc Jeff was still in the hospital.

In the middle of the party, Gretchen pulled the Housewives aside to present them with a small gift — Coach coin purses — to thank them for their friendship. While Lynne and Jean appreciated the gesture, it didn’t exactly go over so well with everyone.

“I don’t know if it was sincere,” Tamra said.

“I just didn’t get it,” Vicki added.

But Gretchen got a much bigger gift when her visiting parents, Scott and Brenda, pulled their daughter aside and presented her with a letter from Jeff. “I need to do something to show you much I sincerely love you,” the letter read.

And he did. Walking upstairs — with a bevy of guests in tow like an episode of My Super Sweet Sixteen — Gretchen found a red hot Harley Davidson motorcycle with her name on it. “I was beyond surprised,” she said, gushing.

But not all the women were stunned. “I thought it’s immature and nobody should have bought into it,” said an exasperated Vicki, who ignored Gretchen’s request to join her upstairs.

Although Tamra was gracious enough to join Lynne and Jeana in driveway for a peek, she quickly announced: “She just kinda does things that make you wonder, ‘Are you stalking me?'” Tam had previously mentioned her own desire for a pink Harley Davidson and was convinced Gretchen was copying her.

Then things got even uglier. “We just don’t believe Gretchen is dating this guy,” Tamra said. “We think he is paying her to take of him. We think that have a relationship of convenience.”

Her allegations were suspect, considering the diamond and white gold tennis bracelet her husband Simon gave her earlier.

Meanwhile, Vicki also had a gift to show off at the party. The businesswoman managed to bring up the new Rolex she bought herself in almost every conversation. “I felt a little odd showing a gift I bought,” she said, laughing. “I didn’t want to be say, ‘I bought myself a Rolex; my husband can’t do it!'” But she did anyway.

Despite the drama over gift-giving, the women — both current and previous members — came together for a final photo while producers updated viewers on each of the Housewives. Jeana delivered the most emotional news: Gretchen’s fianc Jeff lost his battle with cancer just weeks after the party. Gretchen, she said, was devastated. — Allison Gross

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