June 30, 2015 10:10 PM

The Real Housewives of New York City celebrated its 100th episode Tuesday night, and the centennial was appropriately filled with drama.

The girls’ trip to Turks and Caicos continued with Ramona Singer pouring out her heart to Bethenny Frankel about the demise of her marriage.

“I know what lonely is,” Singer told Frankel.

“You had a great relationship,” Frankel replied. “You’re scared.”

“He’s part of me,” said a tearful Singer. “He may not be good for me, but he’s part of me.”

Continued Singer, who began to weep before Frankel held her: “It’s like I’m losing a part of myself he’s part of my soul. I wish I knew how to fix him. I can’t fix him, and I want to fix him so badly.”

But all hell broke loose the next morning when Singer told Sonja Morgan on the beach that “Bethenny thinks you’re an alcoholic.”

“Ramona got the feeling from you I might have a drinking problem,” Morgan asked a bikini-clad Frankel, who relayed her concerns to Morgan the previous night.

“You do things late night you would not do were you not drinking,” said Frankel.

“You can take that theory and cram it,” yelled an upset Morgan, before she really exploded. “Get out of my s—!”

Continued Morgan, who stormed up to the house: “You all think I’m so f—ing nice that you can talk behind my back? There’s a lot of things I haven’t said about you.”

Heather Thomson tried to intervene, telling her, “You need to get in that pool and cool the f— off . You are no angel . Why don’t you have a conversation instead of yelling?”

“I’m attacking all of you bitches,” screamed Morgan. “Stop talking about me! I think you’re really all out of line!”

“She is in denial about everything that’s going on,” said Frankel. “Is there anything to talk about in Turks and Caicos beside Sonja? No.”

But Frankel came up with a plan: She had the wives pledge not to talk about Morgan, or else they had to put in $100 and donate it to charity.

“Guilty as charged,” said Thomson, who immediately began discussing everything Sonja and had to put in $300. “I can’t stop talking about her.”

But they could prank Singer – on a yacht trip, the wives poured ice water onto her (and we all know how much Ramona hates to get her hair wet).

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