July 08, 2015 12:25 AM

Is Bethenny Frankel a know-it-all?

Heather Thomson certainly thinks so – and she told the Skinny Girl mogul so to her face on Tuesday’s Real Housewives of New York City.

“Shut the f— up,” Thomson said as the wives’ drama-filled vacation to Turks and Caicos continued. “You’re like the authority on everything . She’s a know-it-all.”

“Let’s light this thing up now,” a fired-up Frankel said to Thomson, who felt Frankel overstepped her boundaries when Ramona Singer asked for help coming up with a title for her book. “I know you’re aggravated.”

“I feel like no one can get a word in,” said Thomson before Frankel interrupted her. “You can.”

“You know a lot,” said Thomson. “I think you’re a know-it-all.”

“Maybe I know it all,” said Frankel, who said the title of her next book should be Know It All. “If you want to know anything, come to me.”

“You’re not really a know-it-all, but you think you are,” said Thomson.

But Frankel certainly knew how to pick up Thomson and toss her into the surf, as the two made up in a playful moment … before mooning the other wives.

“She can take a joke,” Frankel said of Thomson after their sandy showdown. “I actually kind of like her.”

And Singer kind of liked a night out at a beach bar.

“In the Caribbean, a great drink is always a key to having a good time,” said the single Singer, who ignored the wives and lasered her attention on the bar’s owner.

“So I’m having a little fun I’m flirty,” said Singer the morning after when she realized the wives were miffed. “I ignored you. You want to send me to prison?”

“She’s stuck in the ’80s,” said Carole Radziwill. “As long as you stick your tits out, you get something.”

She continued: “You were rude and obnoxious last night, just own it.”

“Jealousy,” sang Singer. “I’m sorry you were offended. You’re f—ing some 28-year-old. Give me a break.”

“When she’s under attack, she can get very mean,” said Radziwill.

“I’m out of a 25-year-marriage,” responded Singer.

“Stop with the crocodile tears,” said Radziwill. “They rolled right back into her eyes.”

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