Ramona Singer returns from South Africa as peacemaker, arranging a truce between Aviva Drescher and Heather Thomson before things go awry
Credit: Michael Lavine/Bravo

Ramona, the “Lion Queen”?

Ramona Singer returned to The Real Housewives of New York City after taking her daughter to South Africa as a high school graduation gift – and she was ready to rule over the pack.

“Now that Ramona’s back from vacation, she’s the Dalai Lama,” joked Sonja Morgan.

“I return from vacation, and they’re acting like lions,” Singer said of the feud between Aviva Drescher and Heather Thomson that began over Bookgate. “I want to resolve this. I want to be peacemaker.”

Singer arranged a make-up meeting between the two, and though it wasn’t the cursing war it had been, it certainly was no “Hakuna Matata.”

“I’ve seen the wrath of Aviva, and it’s not pretty,” said Thomson, before the two talked.

“You called me a liar and said everybody hates me,” said Drescher. “I just took it up the butt I felt verbally raped by you.”

“I think the things that you say about people are vile,” Thomson said. “You said Sonja was on a downward spiral like Anna Nicole Smith … you called them alcoholics. You sit on a high horse, Miss Vassar I just don’t like you that much.”

“Ditto,” countered Drescher.

“I was outraged by how you treated Carole,” Thomson replied.

“Are you guys lovers or something?” Drescher asked. “When it comes to me and Carole, I don’t think you’re impartial. Can we leave it at that?”

“I’m willing to say let bygones be bygones,” conceded Thomson. “But I’m not forgetting.”

And she didn’t, agreeing to move on but not extend Drescher an invitation to her and her husband’s 10-year anniversary party.

That decision brought out the sleeping tiger in Singer, who boycotted the party, along with Morgan.

“Ramona’s a pot stirrer,” Thomson said after learning the news at her own party, adding that it’s impossible to avoid “that Singer stinger” for long.

At least The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were able to add some levity, as Brandi Glanville and Yolanda Foster lunched and shared secrets with friends Kristen Taekman and Carole Radziwill.

Glanville spilled the beans on Taekman’s bachelorette party in Vegas in which the over-served bride-to-be had a memorable run-in with an Elvis impersonator.

“He asked Kristen to come back to the ranch with him,” Glanville laughed. “There was tongue.”

“We kissed it was a little peck,” admitted an embarrassed Taekman. “There was no tongue.”

But even that was upstaged by Radziwill’s talk of romance with George Clooney.

“I didn’t spend the day in bed with George,” said Radziwill. “We dated a million years ago we dated, literally, during the Eisenhower administration.”

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