A fight ensues after Sonja Morgan discovers that Singer meddled in her relationship with her 23-year-old boyfriend

Credit: Bravo

Sonja Morgan organized a spa day for The Real Housewives of New York City Tuesday night in order to rid herself of all the bad energy in her life (including Ramona Singer), but a dip in the hot tub put them all in hot water.

“Sonja is the only person I know that could play off bankruptcy fabulously,” said Kristen Taekman, referencing the deep financial troubles dogging Morgan that could force her to lose her home.

But when Taekman stood up for Morgan after learning her 23-year-old boyfriend had stood her up partly because Singer had meddled and called his mother, tempers began to flare.

“I wanted to get a little dirt on him,” Singer admitted to Morgan, while half the wives were, appropriately, in a mud bath. “He’s a little young. He could be your son. It’s incestuous. [Sonja] thinks between her legs instead of between her head.”

“She ruined my relationship,” said Morgan, still at odds with Singer.

“Sounds like Ramona’s jealous,” Taekman said, outraging Singer, who then tossed a glass of champagne in the model and mother’s face as she sat in the hot tub.

“Are you crazy?” asked Taekman, who then doused Singer with water. “Is this normal behavior for a woman her age?”

“Kristen, you’re a real b––h!” yelled Singer, upset that her previously perfect hairdo had gotten ruined.

“I teach my kids not to hit, not to throw,” said Taekman, before adding the barb of the night. “Did Ramona miss that memo 65 years ago?”

But Taekman wasn’t the only one to battle Singer, as Morgan continued her war of words with her former BFF, who continued to air Morgan’s financial woes to anyone who would listen.

“There’s a very good chance you won’t be able to stay here, and I don’t want you to be unprepared,” Singer said over a glass of wine earlier in the day, when she met Morgan at her townhouse and urged her to sell it and look for a smaller apartment.

“Do I not have nine lives? Do I not have angels on my side?” Morgan asked. “You have to think positive. You must live in the moment, not in fear.”

“I’m just coming out of sisterly concern,” said Singer.

“I’m going to go light my abundance candle,” replied Morgan.

“Light all the candles you want,” said Singer. “It’s not going to make all your money troubles go away.”

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