Basically everyone was angry at some point in the hour
Credit: Bravo

On Wednesday night’s The Real Housewives of New York City, basically everyone who left John Mahdessian’s party was in the wrong – except Dorinda Medley, who was busy telling everyone else how wrong they were.

The problem was this (and it’s complicated, because of course):

LuAnn de Lesseps‘ ex-boyfriend Rey found her at Mahdessian’s party, where he appeared to act inappropriately. The conversation was only captured on the episode via audio, not the cameras, but basically De Lesseps said Rey’s behavior (watching her, etc.) was freaking her out, and at one point he asked her for a kiss, very forthright, and she was having none of it.

After she left – apparently because of Rey’s behavior – Mahdessian demanded that Rey leave his party, by which point Rey was getting all up in Sonja Morgan‘s face, not necessarily in an aggressive way but definitely in a violating-her-personal-bubble way.

At this point, Ramona Singer stepped in. The roles were reversed! Mahdessian, who has been intensely disliked by most of the women this season, seemed to be doing the right thing by asking Rey to leave; while Singer, perhaps because of her intense dislike of Mahdessian, backed Rey … and got tossed out, too.

Of course Mahdessian only announced this while putting his hand in Singer’s face, so their fight continued outside, where Medley scolded Singer. Singer put her hand in Medley’s face to mock Mahdessian and Rey stood around watching them until Medley yelled, “Who are you?” And he walked away.

Singer after all of this was emphatic, telling Medley she didn’t know what happened. Medley was also mad at Mahdessian: “You’re wrong [too],” she told him.

“His actions are correct but his reaction is what devalues it,” she told the camera. “You don’t put your hand in a woman’s face ever.” So Medley left the party as well.

No one mentioned De Lesseps.

The anger at that party seemed to float over Wednesday’s whole episode, as when Bethenny Frankel confronted Morgan over Morgan’s decision to unveil a Prosecco line called Tipsy Girl – which Frankel called a “cheater brand” version of her own Skinnygirl empire.

“I’m completely insulted and I don’t want anything to do with you,” she told Morgan, who seemed completely taken aback and got teary-eyed as she explained that the whole wine idea was a way for her to recoup her life after emerging from bankruptcy.

“I’m just really trying to get back where I was, and I thought the alcohol was a great idea,” Morgan said. Her tears clearly moved Frankel.

“I have compassion for you and I feel for you,” Frankel said. But: “I don’t believe you didn’t do this intentionally.”

As Frankel told the camera, “You can’t play stupid and smart at the same time.”

If Morgan wanted her to be proud of this new business endeavor, and how well thought out it was, she couldn’t then plead ignorance if its branding pissed Frankel off.

The whole thing was a shock to Morgan. And perhaps channeling some leftover psychic vibes, presaging the aggression to come, she later told De Lesseps that Frankel “just railed into me.”

These battles may be over, but not the war.

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