The New York City star says she's jealous of Kim Kardashian who's found true love

By Aaron Parsley
Updated June 02, 2011 08:15 AM
Credit: Rob Rich/Everett Collection

Kelly Bensimon went to Morocco on what she calls the “trip of a lifetime,” but she could just as easily call it a life-changing trip.

During a birthday party there, the Real Housewives of New York City star met with a psychic – and got a pretty major prediction on the episode which aired last week.

“The psychic in French tells me I think too much, and that I am going to get married and I am going to have a baby,” Bensimon, who has two daughters, Sea Louis, 12, and Thaddeus Ann, 10, told In the Mixx at Hamptons Magazine‘s Memorial Day Party at the Southampton Social Club. “This year I’m not going to have a baby but I’m going to be pregnant and I’m going to get married.”

According to Kelly, her sit-down with the fortuneteller at the party wasn’t just another parlor game. “I’m on it. I’m like, ‘Okay, I’m doing my work. I have to start,’ ” she said. “Yes, I want to get married and have a baby.”

Bensimon finds hope in other women who’ve made their dreams come true. “Just the other day we hear that Kim Kardashian is engaged,” Kelly said. “She is so unbelievable and I have so much respect for her. And to be honest with you I’m not that jealous of many people – I’m just not a jealous person – but the fact that she’s so happy and engaged and found true love [with NBA star Kris Humphries], I’m jealous. I am.”

“It’s amazing,” Kelly continued. I’m just so happy for her … She’s wanted it, and that’s just so exciting for her.”

Reporting by GINA GIORDAN GLICKMAN, Host of In The Mixx