Andy Cohen gets the ladies to open up about the most infamous moments in RHONYC history
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The women of Real Housewives of New York City are revisiting some of their most dramatic moments, including feuds, drunken mistakes and divorces.

The stars rehashed all that and more with Bravo’s Andy Cohen on The Real Housewives of New York City: 100th Episode Watch What Happens Live Special Thursday.

Read on to see what the ladies had to say as they looked back at their most infamous moments.

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Ramona Breaks Down

Ramona Singer and ex-husband Mario were the couple everyone thought would make it, and Singer opened up about what happened to their seemingly storybook marriage.

“What Mario and I had, most people don’t have. We had an extremely successful marriage for 20 years-plus,” she said. “He had a midlife crisis. that’s the only way I can rationalize it. He turned 60, and something snapped.”

Getting emotional, Singer said the show helped her “get through” the trauma of divorce, because her costars were so supportive.

Singer was nearly in tears as she looked at footage of Mario saying his marriage vows to her.

“Oh my God, we were like that a few years ago. How the hell did this happen?” she asked Cohen. “I don’t know if I can sit back and watch it, because the man he is today – I don’t really know who he is anymore.”

Luann Can’t Keep It Together

Speaking of divorces, in a poignant moment, Luann de Lesseps revealed how deeply her divorce from Alexandre de Lesseps had affected her.

When Cohen showed her footage of her family back during happier days, he asked if it made her sad.

“Kind of,” she said, attempting not to cry. “Because, I had a wonderful marriage. A beautiful marriage.”

She started crying and turned her back to Cohen while she regained her composure.

“I feel very lucky that I have this living photo album. I have those moments, forever,” De Lesseps said, referring to RHONYC.

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Bethenny Hugs Andy

She may have a reputation as a shrewd business woman, but Bethenny Frankel showed off her soft side when she looked back at the struggles she endured to get her career off the ground.

Cohen showed Frankel footage of her attempting to hand out samples of baked goods at a grocery store, and of her arriving at bar in Skinny Girl car – because she was broke and didn’t have another ride.

“I can’t believe that I made it. And I can’t believe how hard I worked,” she said, beginning to cry. “I’ve inspired so many people. They don’t say, ‘Oh my God, the fight you got in with Ramona.’ They don’t say that. They’re like, ‘You made me realize I can do anything and I can be successful.’ ”

She surprised Cohen by standing up and giving him a hug in thanks for helping her career.

About Aviva Throwing Her Leg…

One of the more infamous moments in RHONYC history when Aviva Drescher ended an argument by removing her prosthetic leg and slamming it on the table.

“Somebody had to put their foot down,” Drescher joked to Cohen, going on to admit she’d planned the big move ahead of time.

“I kind of just said to a producer, ‘I don’t really know what’s going to happen tonight, but I might get fired up. If they come down on me hard, I may do this,’ ” Drescher said.

LuAnn Reveals How a Pirate Hurt Her Relationship

During a trip to St Barths, the ladies had a little too much to drink one night, and De Lesseps ended up taking home Tomas, a man who looked like Johnny-Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean. She tried to keep it a secret, but she ended up getting busted via a phone call she made when she forgot there was a mic on her.

De Lesseps told Cohen that she called then-boyfriend Jacques Azoulay to fess up, insisting she’d just brought the man home to show him the house. Azoulay told her she had to watch that episode with him, which she did.

“I looked totally guilty,” she said, adding, “it didn’t help” the relationship, which ended in 2013.

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