'Real Housewives of New York' 's Bethenny Frankel and LuAnn de Lesseps Square off Over Sex, Dating and Drinking: 'It Kills Her to See Me Happy'

Things got very personal on Wednesday's episode

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The main takeaway from this season of The Real Housewives of New York City: Don’t mess with Bethenny Frankel‘s business. Especially not at Dorinda Medley‘s slumber party!

That was clear on Wednesday’s episode, which saw Frankel reach new heights of anger as she berated LuAnn de Lesseps for what Frankel saw as the Countess taking credit for co-inventing Skinnygirl. De Lesseps has said she was simply there when Frankel spoke the name aloud – as 2007 footage from the show supported. But Frankel felt she was taking credit for the idea.

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“I’m like, you wanna f—ing go? I’ll take you by the neck outside,” an agitated Frankel said to Ramona Singer outside of Medley’s home. “I’ll f—ing smash her with a reindeer antler.”

Things got worse from there, as back inside, Frankel slammed De Lesseps for dating Singer’s ex, Tom D’Agostino (who since filming has become her fiancé). There was some confusion on how serious Singer had been with D’Agostino, with De Lesseps, 51, saying the pair had only been out one or two times. Not so, said Singer, 59, who said it had been more like seven dates.

That stirred up some bad memories for Singer, who said it went down this way: “You went over to him and were like ‘Oh, you’re seeing Ramona? Well I’m next.’ ”

Singer said she expected the curtesy owed to her by “the girl code” of being asked before the Countess went out with Tom.

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But back to Frankel vs. De Lesseps: Frankel brought out the knives again, this time attacking the Countess for crashing at Sonja Morgan‘s home.

“I’m trying to be her friend, which is a lot more than you have been,” said De Lesseps.

Frankel responded with this zinger: “By going out and getting just as wasted as she does at night and banging different guys all over the city?”

Meanwhile, Medley was unhappy that her party had devolved into a shouting match, telling the women they were disrespecting her.

Meanwhile, Jules Wainstein was facing a much more serious crisis of her own, with her outside speaking to her father, who was sick. De Lesepps stepped outside – but did not really acknowledge her fellow housewife’s plight.

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“My dad, it sounds like he’s not even coherent,” said Wainstein, to which De Lesepps responded by bringing up the drama with Frankel.

“There are bigger things in life. Who cares,” said Wainstein . “My dad is dying and I’m not even there. He has pneumonia and he doesn’t sound right.”

Still, De Lesepps continued to talk about her drama with Frankel.

“All right LuAnn. Sick dad. You’re a slut,” Wainstein deadpanned to the camera, pretending to way both conflicts. “Alright, I’ll talk to you about being a whore.”

Later in the episode, Frankel summed up her frustrations with the Countess.

“You can say to me, ‘I had sex with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.’ I’d be like like ‘congratulations. Good. I wish I did,’ ” Frankel told the camera. “Just say, ‘Look, I like to have sex. I like to get laid. I like dick.’ Say what ever you want to say, let’s just not lie.”

De Lesepps had a different take on Frankel’s issues with her.

“She’s so deeply unhappy that I think it kills her to see me happy,” she told the camera.

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Wednesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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