Joe Giudice: I Blame Joe Gorga for My Wife's Prison Sentence

"When you get a fire going and you add a little gasoline, it doesn't make it any better," Giudice said of his brother-in-law on Watch What Happens Live


It looks like the bad blood between the Joes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is far from over.

Teresa Giudice‘s husband Joe and her brother Joe Gorga both appeared on Sunday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live following the premiere of the three-part special Teresa Checks In, which will chronicle how life has been for the Giudice family during Teresa’s 15-month prison sentence.

Despite the episode showing improved, if still somewhat strained, relations between the two families – who feuded for several years once the Gorgas joined the show – Giudice, 43, may have just reignited the conflict with a shocking revelation: He blames his brother-in-law for Teresa’s incarceration.

When host Andy Cohen asked Gorga if he faults Giudice for Teresa’s current situation, Gorga answered, “Yes, who am I going to blame?”

A stunned Giudice responded, “I don’t know why he would blame me, but everybody’s got their own opinion.”

Cohen, 47, tried to move the uneasy conversation along, but Giudice returned back after having a second to think: “I would blame more him than anybody, coming on the show and talking all the crap he talked, you know, all the years everything going on, so I would more blame him than me.”

Having seen the brothers’ conflict for many seasons, Cohen again tried to move forward, but Giudice added, “When you get a fire going and you add a little gasoline, it doesn’t make it any better.” (He later addressed Twitter outrage at this comment, insisting he’d taken “full responsibility” for his part in his wife’s imprisonment.)

This latest revelation belied fairly comfortable relations between the Giudices and the Gorgas on Teresa Checks In.

Though the Giudices’ eldest daughter Gia admitted she still wasn’t fully comfortable with her new life and her aunt Melissa Gorga’s part in it, she and Gia’s beloved godfather Joe Gorga still showed up to Gia’s eighth-grade graduation party.

Said Melissa of the in-laws’ improved relationship in recent months: “Sometimes it takes a horrible situation to make families realize how important one another are, and I never ever want to go back to that dark place again. Ever.”

Joe Gorga reflected on his rocky past with his brother-in-law: “I believe was happened to us, it was a competition thing, and it really destroyed our family. But that’s over now.”

He continued,” A lot of things changed. I see a big change in Joe – he’s more humble now.”

After Joe Giudice’s comments on Sunday, which Teresa told Cohen she’d be watching from prison, it remains to be seen whether the latest change Joe Gorga will see involves a return to battling in the public eye when his sister is released from prison on Dec. 23.

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