Teresa Giudice Wanted to Hide News of Her Prison Shakedown from Daughter Gia

Giudice tells her husband Joe on Sunday to "go in the other room, I don't want the girls to hear this"

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Teresa Giudice‘s time in prison may be almost up, but the latest episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Checks In gives more unsettling insight on the emotional impact of her scary shakedown.

In an extended version of the clip shown on last Sunday’s Watch What Happens Live, Joe Giudice takes his daily call from his wife, who tells him, “Go in the other room, I don’t want the girls to hear this.”

Then she tells him about frightening incident that stemmed from Teresa asking her daughter Gia to tweet to her fans to thank them for their support earlier this summer.

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“Our room got shaken down,” she tells Joe, 43. “I guess they were looking for a cell phone or something. … They’re so invading, like you have to bend down and cough.”

Says Joe, “I never thought my wife would be getting a shakedown. That definitely makes me upset thinking my poor wife has to go through this bulls— in there.”

But what’s most concerning for Teresa, 43, is how it might impact her oldest daughter Gia: “I don’t want her to think that she did anything wrong. She didn’t anything wrong. She did what I told her. I asked her to do it.”

The alarming encounter proved once more that prison for Teresa has not been, as Joe described it in Sunday’s premiere, a “low-budget spa.”

As Teresa’s attorney James J. Leonard, Jr., told RHONJ cameras during the premiere: “This is not a country club, this is not a day in the park for her, you know, she’s in prison.”

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