October 25, 2015 10:00 PM

Sunday’s Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Checks In showed Joe Gorga‘s emotional first-time visit to his sister, Teresa, in prison.

But one family member who likely won’t be visiting? Gorga’s wife, Melissa.

The episode, the last in a three-part special, filled in a few details on the still obvious frostiness between Giudice and Melissa. Their families, though bound by blood, have feuded in recent years – sometimes intensely.

Joe was approved to visit after a six-month process. Melissa was not.

During the hour, she reiterated her desire to see Giudice during her federal prison sentence and said she was praying for her sister-in-law: “I’ve been here almost 11 years now. I’m not going anywhere,” Melissa said. ” We need to agree to be a family.”

The Giudice family attorney, James James J. Leonard Jr., explained that each inmate submits a list of people who they would like to have contact with.

As Giudice’s husband, Joe, told the camera, “My wife doesn’t really care about seeing Melissa.”

“Whatever the situation may be, I completely understand if Teresa really only wants to see her immediate family,” Melissa said. “It’s a very vulnerable situation, and I get it.”

On the day of his own visit, Melissa told her husband to tell Giudice she will do “anything she needs” for Giudice’s daughters and to say again that Melissa would like to be on Giudice’s list.

Still, Melissa would not focus on anything that might rise to the level of drama. In a year like this one, it wasn’t important.

“It’s kind of sad that I’m not able to see [Teresa],” she said. “I want her to open up to me more, but things are so great with the family right now – I’m just going to focus on that.”

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