Jacqueline Laurita called Teresa Giudice a "criminal" and Melissa Gorga "phony" during an explosive RHONJ battle

Stick a fork in Jacqueline Laurita – she’s done.

After weeks of mounting tensions between the mother of three and her fellow Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga, Laurita reached her breaking point on Sunday’s explosive new episode, calling Giudice “a f—ing criminal” and Gorga “a fake, phony bitch” and appearing to end her relationship with the two for good.

“She is a convicted felon, and that’s not going to change,” Laurita said of Giudice. “She’s one of the toxic people in my life I gotta get out. I don’t feel the hurt this time. I feel relief. They’re pretty disgusting people. A bunch of con artists and a punch of phonies. I get it now. And you know what, they don’t deserve me in their life.”

There appeared to be no love lost on Giudice and Gorga’s side either: “I’m done,” said Gorga. “I don’t feel like I lost a friend. I feel like she was never my friend now. I was someone she kept around to know what I was thinking, what I was doing ….”

“I feel like she’s really evil and I’m cleaning the slate,” Giudice added. “She’s toxic right now. I want my friends to by my friends – to have fun.”

Looking back on Laurita’s past experiences with former Housewives Danielle Staub, Dina Manzo and Caroline Manzo, Giudice said she felt there were signs her relationship with Laurita would go south for good.

“I do kind of feel foolish and I feel like a dumbass because I thought we were really good friends,” she said. “I should have saw it – it was like right in front of my face. She’s hurt other people: Danielle, she’s done things to Dina … with Caroline, she punched her in the face. I don’t know if I want to be friends with something like that.”

But looking back is exactly what got Laurita so riled up in the first place. And to understand all the layers of her anger, one has to remember Laurita’s role in Giudice and Gorga’s up and down relationship.

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When Gorga first joined the cast in season 3, there was unimaginable tension between Gorga and Giudice. The two sister-in-laws were by no means in a good place, and Laurita spent a significant amount of time over the next three seasons trying to bring the women – as well as Giudice’s estranged cousins Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri – back together.

It was especially tough during season 4, when Giudice was accused of feeding false rumors of Gorga’s past life as a stripper to the show in an effort to embarrass her sister-in-law. Laurita had learned of the apparent set-up and warned Gorga before all hell broke loose at the Posche fashion show.

Giudice denies any involvement in “strippergate” to this day. And when the past incident was brought up during their battle on Sunday’s episode, the 44-year-old Turning Tables author suggested it was Laurita who had actually orchestrated the case against Gorga.

“I think she warned you because she knew what was going down,” Giudice told Gorga of Laurita. “I didn’t warn you because I didn’t know what was going down.”

Turning the set up on Laurita only set her off. “You are such a twisted bitch,” she yelled at Giudice. “You did it. You did everything because you hated her.”

She also turned her sights on Gorga, who wouldn’t initially admit that Laurita had warned her of the stripper allegations in the first place.

“You’re so full of f—ing s— right now because you know I warned you and you used to talk s— about Teresa,” Laurita said. “You’re a fake, phony bitch. That’s what you are. Phony. You are a fake, phony bitch and everyone knows it. You have four nose jobs that you won’t even admit to! Everything Teresa said about you might have been true.”

Gorga wasn’t having it. “Go f— yourself,” she told Laurita. “I’ve been nothing but good to you for how long? You’re flipping on everybody. Why have you been telling me you’re my friend for so long? You’re the fake, phony bitch. You’re disgusting. You’re a sneak, that’s what you are.”

“Jacqueline’s talking about ‘strippergate’ four years ago,” Gorga added. “She’s bringing that up because she knows that’s the most sensitive subject. She’s secretly pissed that Teresa and I are working it out and it’s genuine. So she’s a s— friend, and I see that now.”

But it appeared it was more about loyalty for Laurita: “I’m so disgusted right now by the both of them,” she said in a confessional. “They’re trying to rewrite history with lies to put that on me. They both can lie with a straight face. They belong together.”

After Laurita stormed out of the restaurant – and called Giudice a “crazy, table-flipping bitch,” a “little psychopath,” a “sick, twisted bitch” and a “narcissistic sociopath” – Housewives Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania tried to explain how Laurita’s frustration was coming from a place of love.

They said Laurita felt betrayed when Giudice appeared to take her friend Robyn’s side after Robyn told Laurita she wanted to “rage all over your ass” during and argument the night before, and that her words were hurt not hate.

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But Giudice disagreed and accused Laurita of being manipulative, antagonizing and calculating. “Jacqueline didn’t feel threatened,” she said. “She’s totally playing the victim.”

Gorga’s husband Joe agreed. “That bulls— that Jacqueline loves Teresa,” he said. “She wants to bury her. If she loved her she wouldn’t have called her a criminal. What did my sister do? Nothing. She sat behind her husband. Nuts. That was a hate word.”

By episodes end, everyone had left Giudice and Gorga together in Vermont to enjoy the rest of their vacation. The two seemed happy about their alone time, embracing the day and leaving the drama behind them.

“Teresa and I have decided not to let people come between our relationship anymore,” Gorga said. “And that is why me and Teresa are moving forward. We’re not going to let other people ruin us anymore.”

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