Real Housewives of N.Y. Recap: Bethenny & Kelly Go Round 2

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Tempers were flaring all over the place on The Real Housewives of New York City last night.

The show started with Ramona inviting Kelly to the Badgley Mischka fashion show, where they started talking about Bethenny’s behavior during the charity meeting we saw on last week’s episode. “I don’t know what her problem is. We live in totally different worlds,” Kelly said of Bethenny. Ramona asked if maybe Bethenny is jealous of her, to which Kelly responded with the weirdest backhanded complimentary insult ever: “That would be like me being jealous of you. Why would I be jealous of you?” Kelly said.

Backstage after the show, Kelly and Ramona continued to bond, complimenting each other on their “amazing energy,” as Ramona begged Kelly for advice on how to stay away from Simon. (Umm, try not doing a reality show together!) They air-kissed goodbye with Kelly vowing to set things straight with Bethenny. Kelly says, “I decided Bethenny needed a time-out. So I asked Bethenny to meet with me and have a drink and discuss it.”

They met at a bar called the Brass Monkey. It might as well have been called Brass Knuckles, ‘cause the verbal punches flew right off the bat – with Bethenny complaining that she’d been waiting a half-an-hour for Kelly to arrive. “Really, that’s too bad. Listen…we’re not friends, okay?” Kelly said – as soon as she sat down!

“This is you, this is me,” Kelly explained, with the “you” accented by a hand down low, and the “me” accented by a hand held high. “I won’t put up with your antics and your bullsh–t,” she continued, going off about Bethenny’s behavior at the charity meeting.

“We were talking about an arthritis charity and you said, ‘That’s so cute!’” Bethenny noted. She’s right! She did!

“The difference between you and me is that while you’re talking, I’m doing things,” Kelly said, continuing this crazy tirade. “I don’t like you, I don’t think you’re funny, I don’t think you’re charming. We are not friends!” Kelly concluded.

“So, you invited me to be here to make yourself feel better?” Bethenny said.

“I’m not talking to you. I don’t want to know you,” Kelly finally concluded before storming out of the table.

“Basically she was a Kel-amity,” Bethenny concluded just before she ran into Kelly again on the way out, where Kelly berated her again.

Ten seconds later, this semi-hot European model guy Max comes in the bar to meet Kelly, whose dress was suddenly falling off her shoulder as she put on her sexy smiling charm. So the conversation with Bethenny was a filler moment before her date night?

All of a sudden it was a whiplash moment as we left the city for New Rochelle and a Hamptons-esque tennis match with Ramona’s husband.

Bethenny met Ramona at the match and recounted the whole fight with Kelly, which had Ramona’s eyes bugging out of her head in that classic Ramona way. “In life, not everyone likes everyone. That’s just the way it goes!” Ramona said. And who would know better than Ramona.

(Note to producers: Can you just stay in the city please?)

But suddenly Ramona turned the tables on Kelly, too – picking apart Kelly’s article for Page Six Magazine, which suggested that Kelly had invited her to the Badgley Mischka fashion show. “You know,” she concluded about Kelly. “She’s just not nice.”

So, for anyone keeping score, the tides have definitely turned against Kelly at this point.

Kelly showed up in the very next scene, picking up the until-this-moment completely absent LuAnn and taking her to a Page Six magazine party. Immediately, Kelly starts recalling the Bethenny fight. “I was shocked to find out that she actually took a meeting with Bethenny,” LuAnn said, noting that Kelly being late after calling a meeting with her was not exactly the polite thing to do.

“After the comment she made that I was ‘Madonna,’ she could have waited all night long,” Kelly responded. “I’m not going to have someone being rude to me.”

Etiquette expert LuAnn then made a very good point: That perhaps having a confrontation with Bethenny wasn’t the best choice. “Honey” would have gone a lot further, she said.

Just in time for the end of the show, all the Housewives gathered on a Manhattan rooftop for the Page Six party, where Ramona decided to confront Kelly right away. Kelly diffused that fight quickly, saying she wasn’t referring to Ramona in her article. But the sparks flew instead between Ramona’s husband, Mario, and Jill over scheduling their tennis match, as he berated her in this condescending way about how she doesn’t really have a job at her fabric company. “Your 15 minutes of fame is getting a little bit to your head,” he said to her.

Simon then tried to step in and diffuse Mario’s inane rage. Somehow tennis talk got Ramona talking to Simon like a human being – but only for a moment. Ramona and Mario then laid into them over some nude photos of Alex that showed up in the press and somehow embarrassed and betrayed them. She even accused Alex and Simon of planting Alex’s nude photos in the press! “Alex, I don’t believe anything you say,” Ramona said.

“And you’re rude!” Alex shot back.

But that wasn’t the end of the fight. Alex and Simon called Ramona out for parading around with and kissing a Playboy model at the pool the summer before.

“Let’s call a hypocrite a hypocrite,” Simon said to them before walking away. –Mark Dagostino

Tell us: Are you surprised the once-boring Kelly has done a 180? And who got the better of the other person last night–Kelly or Bethenny? Are you Team Ramona or Team Silex?

Giovanni Rufino/Bravo(2)

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