After everyone’s tempers bubbled over last week, anticipation for tonight’s Housewives was higher than ever. Would Kelly and Bethenny continue their catfight? Would Ramona‘s husband Mario come to blows with Jill over their upcoming tennis match? Would Ramona and Silex tear each other’s hair out?

Surprisingly, we started off with a little redemption moment from Kelly, who brought more than $76,000 worth of high-end auction items to the table for Jill Zarin’s upcoming charity event. Even when Ramona came in the room, everything was cordial.

Next up, Bethenny and Alex got together to talk about redesigning the logo for Bethenny’s SkinnyGirl cocktails, which led to Bethenny admitting to feeling sorry for saying bad things about Alex in the past. What’s with all the positivity?

Then Countess LuAnn de Lesseps (who is splitting with her Count husband) jaunted off to give a self-esteem workshop to a group of young girls in Brooklyn. More good vibes! Although, one might wonder how inspired these girls were listening to LuAnn prattle on about being a Countess and then playing basketball in high-heel boots.

Renovations in Jill’s apartment were almost finished and she showed off the new, decidedly overstated look to Bethenny, who called it, “Liberace, Versace, La-Cucarachee. … If I was alone in Jill’s apartment for a month I’d feel like I took a hit of acid!”

Later, when Jill’s pro tennis partner canceled, Bethenny hatched a plan for a new partner: Simon! The surprise would throw Ramona and Mario’s game off, Bethenny suggested. Jill agreed and headed to the courts to practice with a sweatband-wearing Simon, who surprisingly impressed her with his skills.

Time for the big match and — whoa, what was Kelly wearing? After much delay and nervous build up on Ramona and Mario’s part, Simon finally walked in — “looking like this ’80s aerobics instructor,” according to LuAnn — and Ramona almost lost it. “I was just beside myself. I was so disgusted,” Ramona said. “I thought it was so disrespectful of Jill to bring Simon.”

A nervous and sick Simon didn’t play as well as he did in practice. It was nothing short of embarrassing. Even Alex was cringing courtside. And the match was just boring. Nothing much happened until Jill hit a cross-court shot, and figured out how to turn the game around: keep hitting it to Ramona!

Suddenly, it was like Rocky Balboa making a comeback in the ring! Well, not really. Mario and Ramona won easily. “We were insulted,” Ramona said. But Jill still thought she did better than Ramona and she would have won, she reasoned, if Simon had played better. — Mark Dagostino

Tell us: Team Jill or Team Ramona? Were you surprised Jill agreed to play with Simon? What about LuAnn at the school in Brooklyn?Bravo