Real Housewives of N.Y.C. Recap: Cryin' Out Loud


Tears and laughter abounded in the second episode of season two, as the Housewives continued flitting about in the Hamptons. We started at LuAnn’s birthday party for her family’s dog–a party to which Ramona brought a lizard. A lizard that peed on her hand. Could she get any crazier? And yet she’s the one calling Jill crazy for asking so many questions about her impression of newcomer Kelly Bensimon, and rolling her eyes at the very mention of Alex and Simon.

Cut to: Alex and Simon! “We very rarely shop without each other,” Simon said as he tried on pink and green shoes at Hamptons boutique Blue & Cream. Interesting observation: This season it was Alex whipping out her own black Amex card to pay the couple’s $8,000 tab. Next up we visited with Bethenny, who’s staying with Jill for the summer, where after discussing the strains on her relationship with Jason, Bethenny put on a wig and did a hilarious spot-on imitation of loud-mouth Jill right in front of Jill’s laughing 16-year-old daughter, Allison. We also met Jill’s mother, Gloria, which explained a lot. Gloria was so uncomfortable getting in and out of the family’s various vehicles (including a Jaguar and a Bentley) that Jill’s husband felt the need to go out and get a new car just for her visit. Anyone who wasn’t sucked into season two by now surely fell during Bethenny and Ramona’s lunch. When Ramona showed off an old article she wrote on her Nine Rules for Dating, Bethenny discovered that she failed all but two of the rules! “One of them was like ‘Breath air,’” she said, laughing at herself. And then she caught sight of an old magazine photo of Ramona all buffed and oiled up in her best ‘80s-style workout outfit. Priceless!

Jill shed the first tears of the episode when Allison left to study at the Sorbonne in Paris for the summer. But then it was off to the beach with Silex. And just as you prayed that Simon wouldn’t go bouncing around in a Speedo again, he stripped down to a tiny little blue one! But only for a moment–he immediately pulled up a more sensible pair of shorts. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” he said, acknowledging that he wasn’t vacationing in St. Bart’s. Phew. That sight could’ve caused more tears for sure.

Did you notice that Kelly hadn’t showed up at all in this episode? When she finally did, more than half-an-hour in, it was completely separate from the other Housewives–attending a Hugo Boss party full of male models, and exiting in a matter of minutes. What is UP with that? Then it was right back to Jill’s house, where Bethenny wound up shedding tears while discussing her life’s troubles with Gloria–a woman who offered to adopt her. We never heard from Kelly again.

We did get to meet The Countess’s mom, too–the soft-spoken Rolande Nadeau–as LuAnn prepped to be honored at the American Cancer Society’s Diamonds and Denim gala. Jill and Bethenny showed up to the event, where LuAnn mingled with Kelsey Grammer before obsessing once again over being called “Countess deLesseps.” Then the etiquette queen got up and grabbed the mike to tell everyone in the room to quiet down so the speakers could be heard–only to start chatting with the guests at her own table as soon the speakers resumed. “That is not very countess-like,” Bethenny quipped. “That is discountess.”

Nonetheless, LuAnn’s tears were touching as she accepted her award and spoke about her father, who died from cancer. And after everyone cut loose on the dancefloor, there were more tears as Jill said goodbye to her parents after their brief visit. –Mark Dagostino

Tell us: What do you think of the little-seen new Housewife, Kelly? What are you looking forward to next week?

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