By People Staff
May 06, 2009 12:00 AM

The show kicked off with the final meeting before Jill’s big fund-raiser, where an argument between Ramona and Jill erupted over whether it’s classy or tasteless to promote their various businesses at a charity event. (Funny, they both decided, in the end, to promote their businesses.) But Ramona was on a bug-eyed tear–especially about the fact that Alex hadn’t sold any tickets to the event yet. (She called her a “limp noodle!”)

Seeing the Countess LuAnn with her husband, the Count, show up in the next scene together was a little awkward, knowing that they’ve since separated in real life.

Back to Jill’s apartment, we watched as she tried to have “the talk” with her daughter Allyson, 15 — on camera. “Which talk should we have? Sex or drugs?” Jill asked her. “On the sex talk,” Jill then asked, “do you know what it is?” Her daughter pretty much laughed at her over that one. She’s 15! It actually ended well, as Jill reminded her daughter that she could always come to her, and she’d never judge her. Bethenny dropped by LuAnn’s house next to give her housekeeper Rosie a cooking lesson. But it turned into a dating-advice-for-Bethenny session instead – with Rosie giving the dating tips. The lessons continued as Bethenny asked LuAnn to give her a lesson on how to walk the catwalk, which she’d have to do at an upcoming Moroccan fashion show.

All the Housewives (except for Kelly, big surprise) showed up to support Bethenny at the event, which she actually emceed. “Bethenny, on a scale of 1 to 10? A 12!” raved Ramona. It was nice to see the original gang all coming together at the end of the season.

But, uh-oh. As they set up the space for the countdown to Jill’s charity event, Ramona and Jill complained that Bethenny – who brought in all the free liquor for the big event – had way too much signage up promoting her “Skinnygirl” cocktails behind the bar. And they went ahead and pulled most of the signage down before Bethenny even arrived.

As the party started, Alex’s husband Simon showed up in quite the flashy outfit — what were those shiny red pants made of?! Kelly loved his look. “Simon is like a young girl in fashion who just can’t get enough,” she commented.

Bethenny walked in and saw her one big Alex-designed logo behind the bar and was really, really happy. But she started to get heated about it once she heard how all the liquor company’s logos came down and that Jill and Ramona were complaining about her behind her back.

Bethenny confronted Jill about it in the middle of the party (watch the clip). “Just say I’m sorry and we’ll be done!” Bethenny said, with veins popping out of her neck. Jill’s response? “Leave.” She told her to leave the party! That really upset Bethenny. Anyone who has watched the show knows how close these two have been all season long, from summer in the Hamptons straight through to the finale.

But they hugged it out just before Jill’s big speech. Phew! If that friendship fell apart the show would be doomed.

As for Kelly’s role? She never quite gelled the entire season, did she? It looked for a moment that she would be dissed by Jill at the end of the charity event. But she wasn’t. She was called up the stage to stand next to the rest of the Housewives in a self-congratulatory moment about how much money they raised for arthritis.

Watching kooky frenemies Simon and Ramona dance it out at the end of the party was just the perfect icing on the cake at the end of one crazy Housewives season. –Mark Dagostino

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