One new cast member "goes off very quickly," another is like "a hot chili you want to spit out" and villain Gina is back to her old tricks, she says

By Lanford Beard
March 05, 2015 07:45 PM
John Tsiavis/Bravo

The Real Housewives of Melbourne has been upgraded.

After Bravo aired the reality series from Down Under on Sunday afternoons last year, season 2 moves to Thursday nights, and star Jackie Gillies promises, “There’s drama, there’s tears, there’s arguments – happy moments, too. There’s a lot of comedy this season, I will say.”

But, let’s be honest, we don’t come to our Housewives for laughs, we come for the glass-throwing antics.

With two new cast members entering the fray (regular Andrea Moss exited after season 1), Gillies promises there will plenty of fresh strife. Here are the highlights:

One of Melbourne‘s most controversial figures in season 1 was Gina Liano, a heavily made up, foul-mouthed Housewife who never missed an opportunity to remind the ladies, “I’m a lawyer. I deal in fact.”

“Gina and I definitely get into it this season,” Gillies says. The previous bench mark? Liano accused Gillies, who is psychic, of talking to demons after Gillies insinuated Liano’s long-term (now ex-) boyfriend was having an affair.

But that incident was on camera. As things heat up this season, Gillies says plenty of off-camera shadiness will occur: “What’s frustrating to the other cast members is that Gina’s not always herself on camera. She’s very controlled.”

She adds cryptically, “Sometimes when people are confronted with the truth, they don’t know how to handle it.”

When asked if Liano is a truth-teller, Gillies, responds, “Absolutely not.”

“Something comes out about somebody’s past,” Gillies teases.

The rumor concerns new cast member and former model Gamble Breaux, whom Bravo bills as a “dog-loving art consultant.” Just as with last season, returning Housewife Janet Roach is at the center of the drama.

“They didn’t show this [when the second season aired in Australia, but] Gamble had asked Janet four times … and when it came out, she went ballistic at Janet,” says Jackie, who insists her friend was just trying to alert the new Housewife to what was being said about her.

“Gamble’s trying to make out that Janet started the rumors, but Janet didn’t start the rumors. Other people, including other people on the show, have heard this same rumor, so it’s like shooting the messenger.”

Gillies adds, “Gamble, she just goes off very quickly.”

Jackie Gillies on The Real Housewives of Melbourne

A ‘Little Flower’ Is More Like a ‘Hot Chili’

“Pettifleur is like a koala bear you want to cuddle and then a hot chili you want to spit out – at the same time,” Gillies says of Breaux’s fellow first-time Housewife, Pettifleur Berenger.

Promising several run-ins with the veteran Housewives – including one scrap Gillies did not personally witness when Lydia Schiavello called Berenger a “mongrel”), Gillies speculates that Berenger’s “outspoken” personality could result from the feeling that “she’s always had to stand up for herself.”

Gillies, who was born in Croatia and moved to Australia when she was a child, relates to the experience of Sri Lankan-born Berenger: “Maybe she felt like she always had to keep pushing and pushing and pushing. It wasn’t as easy for her as some of the other women.”

As a result, Gillies says Berenger has “no filter. Some of the random things that come out of her mouth are hilarious. Viewers will probably get annoyed by her.”

Could There Be a Housewives Crossover in Store?

Gillies has bigger plans as the series moves to Bravo’s nighttime lineup: “I’m moving to primetime and to Beverly Hills. I really do want to be the first Housewife to flip to Beverly Hills.”

Fair warning, Jackie: There are many things more cutting than words in the 90210.

The Real Housewives of Melbourne season 2 premieres Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.