LeeAnne Locken's 'RHOD' Costars Claim They Don't Feel Safe Around Her at Season 2 Reunion

On Monday's Real Housewives of Dallas reunion, Brandi Redmond, Stephanie Hollman, and Cary Deuber all said they felt unsafe around LeeAnne Locken after comments she made they interpreted as "threats" on their lives

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LeeAnne Locken came into this season of The Real Housewives of Dallas a changed person, working hard in therapy to improve her behavior and form stronger bonds with castmates Brandi Redmond, Stephanie Hollman and Cary Deuber.

Unfortunately for her, the “old LeeAnne” snuck out from time to time. And though that gave season 2 its most memorable moments — including Locken’s infamous “they’re just hands but they work quite well” rant — Redmond, Hollman and Deuber were apparently so frightened by her behavior that they came into Monday’s season 2 reunion claiming they no longer felt safe around the Dallas Housewife.

“How do you say that and threaten to kill me? What’s the endgame with that?” Deuber asked Locken, explaining that she feared Locken’s words were more than just words. “My heart sank, my stomach dropped [upon hearing her say that]. I was scared. … I just feel like we all have to be held accountable.”

“We’re in the same space and I want to know that I am safe. I think she’s threatened my life,” added Hollman, who also said that she was “terrified” when Locken got into a fight with friend of the Housewives Marie Reyes last season. “We can be mad at each other, but we can’t threaten each other’s lives.”

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Redmond, who was with Locken behind-closed-doors when she made her “they’re just hands” comments out of frustration over digs Deuber had made about her plastic surgeon, was one of Locken’s most outspoken critics.

“I feel uncomfortable around LeeAnne, especially under the situation that I was put in,” she told Locken. “When I drove her to surgery, I was scared … You were screaming, calling Cary a c—. I told you to stop and you did that all on your own. For me, I don’t want to be put into a situation where I feel uncomfortable or jeopardize the safety of myself or anybody that I love.”

“I don’t feel safe around her,” Redmond told host Andy Cohen.

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In her defense, Locken owned all of her bad behavior and apologized — explaining that some of it came from her past experiences and the post-traumatic stress disorder she’s suffered from since her childhood.

“I let the hurt child in me make choices when I go into defense mode because that’s a habit. And now that I’m an adult, I need to find new ways to respond and act,” she said.

“I’ve never laid hands – I’ve never even made a physical response that I’m going to harm you,’ Locken continued. “I use my words poorly and I’ve got to learn to behave and react differently when I’m pissed and out of control. … When I get upset, I use my words to tornado myself out of the corner. They’re just words.”

As for her “they’re just hands” comments, Locken maintained that she did not recall what she said having taken pre-surgery medication. “I don’t remember saying it, but it makes sense to me why I would say it,” she said. “I said they’re just hands. I see how you could take that as a threat, but you can also bake a pie with just hands.”

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Costars D’Andra Simmons and Kameron Westcott mostly stood by Lockens side, though they didn’t condone her behavior. “Her vernacular gets her into problems,” said Simmons. “It’s not her hands, it’s her words. … She does have a real problem with anger and I feel like she’s got to reign it in.”

But Redmond, Hollman and Deuber wouldn’t budge. And though they insisted that they didn’t want to get Locken removed from the show, they felt that she was only making excuses.

“I think whenever you find yourself in a situation where you’re wrong, you go back and say your story and that’s your excuse. It feels like an excuse. Every time you find yourself in a situation where you don’t want to own something,” Hollman said. “We didn’t do this to you, you did this to yourself. We didn’t put those words in your mouth.”

Hollman also pointed out that Locken had thrown a glass out of anger at a party this season. “That glass could have hit one of us, you don’t know what was going to happen!” Hollman said, objecting to Locken’s claims that the glass was thrown away from the crowd.

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With everyone seemingly against her, Locken stayed strong.

“There’s nothing I could do to change it, all I could do is continue to try to be better. And that is what I do every day in every way. Continue to try. Baby steps,” she said. “I’m not the only one who says sorry and then keeps having bad behavior.”

Sadly, Redmond wouldn’t give her former friend the benefit of the doubt. “I don’t think you mean it,” she said. “I’m sorry. I really don’t. It’s just a pattern with you. Everyone needs to get over your behavior and just accept you for all the problems you’ve had in your life. The excuses the excuses, the apologies, they don’t amount to s— at this point. Your behavior is going to keep happening. You’re the only one who’s threatening people’s lives. And you’re the only one that’s downright nasty.”The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Mondays (10 pm. ET) on Bravo.

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