Giraud's husband falls ill after Gebbia warns her, "When you go home tonight, watch out"
Credit: Joe Scarnici/Getty

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was downright spellbinding Monday, as Carlton Gebbia cast a seemingly successful curse on Joyce Giraud after she doubted the self-proclaimed Wiccan’s powers.

A day after Gebbia’s annual R-rated pool party – a Playboy-esque affair filled with bikini-clad pole dancers, “three-way” candles and tequila shots – Yolanda Foster invited the wives over to help make art to decorate her daughter’s room when she leaves for college.

But Gebbia preferred to talk about Kyle Richards instead of painting.

“I have a dream that Kyle is talking negatively about my faith,” Gebbia explained. “I’m right on about this woman [saying things about my faith].”

Richards and Gebbia had seemed to mend fences at the pool party, with Richards giving her hostess a necklace from around her own neck after she had admired it, but Gebbia seemed unable to forget Richards’ remarks about her new tattoo being a Jewish star rather than a pentagram.

“I think Kyle is very calculated in what she says,” Gebbia, 40, had remarked the previous day, before admitting that she had been touched after Richard gave her the necklace. “Maybe I am wrong. Maybe this is where we start fresh.”

But when Giraud, 38, said, “Spells only get to you if you believe in it,” Gebbia turned her powers on the former beauty queen, warning her, “When you go home tonight, watch out.”

“I think Carlton might have just put a spell on Joyce. Fingers crossed!” joked Brandi Glanville.

Cue full moon and the next day, when Giraud told Kim Richards that when she got home the previous night, her husband, Michael, had fallen dangerously ill.

“Sick is one thing,” a wide-eyed Giraud said. “What he got is something else.”

Gebbia obviously has yet to cast a spell on Kyle Richards, as she landed a role on Days of Our Lives.

“Acting is a part of who I am,” said the former child actress, 44, who was nervous before slipping comfortably into her new role as a talent agent. “I know I can act. That part’s easy. Susan Lucci, watch out.”

Richards’s sister, Kim, also revisited her acting roots, attending the Hollywood Collectors Show to meet her fans.

“I wondered who would come for me, [but] I had a pretty long line,” said Richards, who autographed photos and posed for pictures. “I have fans from Nanny and the Professor to Witch fans to Hello, Larry fans.”

Richards, 49, even had a reminiscing run-in with former teen idol and Family star Jimmy McNichol.

“How come we never dated?” McNichol asked, hugging her. “I’m just curious?”

“There was this day at school,” Richards then recalled, noting she had written about it in her childhood diary, “where he walked by me and grabbed my butt and went Roar! like a lion.”

But it was the fans, many of whom showered Richards with affection and sentimental gifts, that made her day a roaring success.

“I love reaching out to these people,” said an emotional Richards. “They say, ‘You don’t know what you’ve done for me,’ and I say, ‘You don’t know what you’ve done for me.'”

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