"The whole dynamic of our home changes with each child that leaves," said an emotional Richards

By Wade Rouse
January 14, 2015 08:55 AM
JC Olivera/Getty

It was a night of tearful farewells on Tuesday’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as Kyle Richards and Yolanda Foster said goodbye to their college-bound daughters.

“She’s gone from a little girl living at home to an apartment,” said Richards, as she sent her daughter, Alexia, off to the University of Arizona. “A part of me wants her to finish at U of A, but the twisted part of me wants her to move closer to home.”

Joked Richards, when asked by her daughter if she had a child every time one headed to college: “Yes, I’m pregnant right now.”

Richards and husband Mauricio tried to set a discretionary budget for their daughter, finally settling on $1,800 – yes, $1,800 – month, but things got real when they had to say goodbye.

“It hasn’t sunk in that I’m going to leave her here,” said a weeping Richards, before her husband also bid a heartfelt goodbye to his daughter. “The whole dynamic of our home changes with each child that leaves. I just want to run after her.”

On the east coast, Foster said goodbye to daughter Bella, who was attending NYU, helping her settle into a new apartment.

The two shared a tender moment when Bella wrote her mother a letter apologizing for her DUI.

“The only thing I want is to gain back your trust,” said an emotional Foster, reading her daughter’s letter aloud. “I’m still your good girl the one incident was a big mistake but it doesn’t define who I am.”

Said Foster, hugging her daughter: “I still make mistakes, and I’m 50 years old I feel confident about Bella’s independence.”

An emotional Eileen Davidson also sent her stepson Duke back for his last year of college in Texas.

“We went through all that stuff that blended families go through,” said Davidson, who described a different experience being a stepmom, saying she never attempted to replace her stepchildren’s mother. “I am excited and proud to have been a part of raising him I love him.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.