The whole build-up and the pony-snuggling and the flight across the country turned out to be for nothing – a theme for the night
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Here are just some of the ways that Lisa Vanderpump described the pony she spent most of Tuesday’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills preparing to buy for her husband, Ken:

“Little tiny miniature horse.”

“The tiniest horse in the world.”

“You’re so small!”

And here is what Lisa Rinna said once she arrived on the Ohio farm to pick up the pony, having accompanied Vanderpump: “I got it. I got one! Look what I got.”

(Except in this case she was talking about chickens, not horses.)

The two Lisas’ pony adventure was the major focus of the night’s hour – all the more strange, then, that when they arrived in Ohio to pick it up, they became worried it was actually lame.

(The horse’s name is Rosebud and at first she charmed them by wearing a tutu, but that moment passed.)

So the whole build-up and the pony-snuggling and the flight across the country was funny and weird and silly. But it also turned out to be for nothing – a theme for the night.

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The Lisas returned to California, sans-horse, during an episode that saw most of the women returning or maintaining their normal routines, with no big changes.

Kyle Richards came back from her European vacation (and the “absolutely magical” wedding of niece Nicky Hilton). Eileen Davidson sent her son off to school while wondering about how often she has to repeat herself to the men in her family. Yolanda Foster got another IV.

And all the ladies gathered together for food and drink, at the end of the episode, at Ken’s 70th birthday celebration – a big-hatted affair where everyone dressed in white.

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And then Taylor Armstrong showed up and in just a minute or two managed to situate herself at the center of everyone else’s conversation about Foster.

Basically, she wondered: What was up with her?

It was not actually very clear if Armstrong was implying that Foster was making up her Lyme disease diagnosis, if she was just wondering why Foster wasn’t better, or if she was just truly confused about how someone battling an illness can be happy in one moment and then sick the next.

“It’s a little much,” Armstrong said to Rinna, who in turn said to the camera, “Why is she being so vocal about this to me?”

As with the pony business, though, there was only build-up with Armstrong’s brief comments but no resolution. That may come more next week, which teased a scene of Rinna investigating Munchausen syndrome because of … Foster?

But back at Ken’s birthday, Richards, led by her own boredom, led everyone else into Lisa’s pool. Which through a chain of hijinks and a brief spike of real worry about Ken’s hips, ended with him being cradled by a circle of women in the rain.

All was well, tiny pony or no. (Which, for the record, was described a final time in the episode by Richards, as a “pregnant donkey.”)

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