The episode aired hours after Yolanda and David Foster announced their split

Updated December 01, 2015 10:50 PM

The ladies of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are back!

Tuesday’s season 6 premiere aired just hours after Yolanda Foster and her husband David announced they will be divorcing, and the episode hinted at signs of strain in the marriage.

“If it wasn’t for my kids, I would have jumped out the balcony,” a tearful Yolanda confessed to her friend Angie Simpson of battling Lyme disease. “It’s trying to get out of bed every day for my kids. I know they need me, but I can’t participate.”

Read on for more revelations from the episode.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Tuesday’s episode of RHOBH

1. Yolanda Opens Up About Marriage

Yolanda and David, who were married in 2011, may now be separated, but they were still together when Tuesday’s episode filmed. In the episode, Yolanda maintained that she wasn’t letting her disease affect her husband’s life too much, but hinted that they were not spending much time together.

“He’s a man. He needs to work. He has a career,” she said. “He travels. He does charities all over the world. It’s been like that since the day that I met him, and that shouldn’t change because I’m sick.

2. Yolanda Goes Makeup-Free

Yolanda, 51, turned heads (and earned scorn from some of the ladies) when she showed up to Lisa Rinna‘s birthday party without any makeup.

“In Beverly Hills, a woman going out to a birthday dinner without one drop of makeup on is borderline shocking,” remarked Kyle Richards.

Yolanda had to excuse herself from the party because of health issues, causing even more remarks from the assorted guests – including Lisa Vanderpump

3. Vanderpump Bashes Yolanda

There’s been bad blood between Yolanda and Vanderpump, 55, in the past, and despite the British star indicating it was all water under the bridge, she took a few pot shots at her costar.

“I’m not that close to her. I never have been. She kind of turned on me,” Vanderpump said, before going on to say, “But I have to let that go because the most important thing now is that she is not well.”

Vanderpump said she doesn’t know what’s wrong with Yolanda’s health, and expressed her horror over the makeup free appearance at the birthday party.

“She does not look good at all. She’s got nothing on her face at all,” said Vanderpump.

4. Kyle Breaks Down Over Sister Kim

Kyle Richards’ sister Kim has had a difficult year months, getting arrested and struggling with alcohol abuse.

“I kept thinking there was a mistake and I didn’t believe it,” Kyle said of first learning of Kim’s arrest at the Beverly Hills Hotel in April. “I was just in complete, utter disbelief to be honest.”

VIDEO: Kim Richards’ RHOBH Costars Express Their Support Following Her Arrest

She considered taking a more active role in her sister’s life, tearing up when thinking about the rift between them.

Lisa Rinna Reveals How Much She Loves Her Husband (According to Her Phone)

At her birthday party, Rinna affectionately got called out for having her hubby (Mad Men alum Harry Hamlin) listed 10th on her speed dial. Little did Hamlin know, he’s actually listed 16th.

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