'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Kyle Richards Says It's Nobody's Business Why She Got Uninvited From Nicky Hilton's Wedding

Also: Yolanda Foster continues her fight against Lyme disease


The second episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ sixth season showcased Yolanda Foster‘s continued battle against the manipulations of her body and Kyle Richards‘ continued battle against the manipulations of her sisters.

Well. Maybe.

Richards spent the episode preparing to go to Europe for a vacation with her family and then going on said vacation. Then at one point she was going to go London for her niece Nicky Hilton’s wedding and then she was not going to go and then she was again.

By the final tally, however, neither husband Mauricio nor all of her daughters (only some) would be attending with her.

Lisa Vanderpump told her over dinner at a Tuscan villa (she had joined the vacation by this point) that it was as though Richards was being controlled by strings held by her sisters.

Vanderpump worried that Richards was being manipulated or hurt by all of the back-and-forth.

But Richards declined to open up on camera: “It’s nobody’s f—— business” why she was uninvited and then reinvited, she said, making only vague references to a conversation with Hilton and an email with sister Kathy.

In an earlier moment in the hour, indicative of where the episode ended, Richards said that she was unable and unwilling “to describe the relationship between my sisters and me.” (At that earlier point in the episode, Richards said that it was “just really bad.”)

Vanderpump’s husband, Ken, in a perfect pique moment of Ken-ness, also took the vacationing invitation to call out Richards’ fondness for “muumuu-like” (flowing) dresses.

Meanwhile, almost every other housewife discussed Foster, who as Lisa Rinna described her in the episode, is now “stabbing in the dark” after years of living with a Lyme disease diagnosis.

Kyle Richards Defends Yolanda Foster and the Speculations Surrounding Her Battle with Lyme Disease

Foster’s latest medical decision: To remove the mercury in her teeth and have it replaced, as a way to removing the amount of heavy metals in her body.

“Whatever you need, take it, just please give me back my life,” she said.

(Perhaps, Vanderpump wondered to Richards a half a world away in Tuscany, where even they were talking about it, Foster no longer had Lyme disease at all and this ailment was the result of something more mysterious.)

During the procedure, Foster was visited by now estranged-husband David, in a sweet moment that seemed all the more strange for being filmed only months away from their divorce announcement.

After the procedure was completed, David joked, “What about sex: No sex for 48 hours?”

More worrisome for the other women was how Yolanda looked. Visiting her in her condo, Rinna and Eileen Davidson said they were struck by how she had deteriorated, even as they encouraged her to have hope.

“I’m thinking she’s in a dark time,” Davidson said.

“I feel a deep sadness and a darkness,” Rinna said after the visit. “I see a vibrant young woman not being able to live her life.”

And then (of course!) back in Tuscany, Vanderpump pried with very little success for many minutes into the state of the Richards family leading up to the Hilton wedding.

She got no more answers than Yolanda.

So maybe she was speaking for both of them, and Richards, too, when she described the tangle as a “no-win situation.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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