Glanville attempted to bring the wives together on a boat cruise through Amsterdam, but instead turned it into an episode of The Love Boat


The trip to Yolanda Foster‘s home country continued to be Amsterdam-ed.

The wives tried to play nice, shopping, sharing chocolates, sipping Champagne and visiting museums, but playing tourist couldn’t ease the drama.

“Yes, Kyle, everyone is pretending right now,” Vanderpump said to Kim’s sister, who – along with Eileen Davidson – was still upset at the harsh words leveled at them last week by a crazed Kim, who ended up making amends with Rinna. “Let’s hope that everyone can be civil.”

And they tried for a hot minute: On a boat cruise through Amsterdam, Glanville led an initial (but poorly orchestrated) charge to bring the group together, but it failed miserably as the wives turned on one another, bringing up past issues that had hurt each other.

Glanville asked the group to say something nice about one another – and they did, except for when it came to Glanville herself, who left before they could say anything about her.

Before departing the cruise, Glanville began reminiscing about The Love Boat, calling out for Isaac and attempting to re-enact with Vanderpump classic moments from the much-loved old show, like how Julie kissed and how guest stars fought.

“I will slap you,” Glanville told Vanderpump, before whacking her on the cheek.

“No, that’s wrong,” Vanderpump said after the slap. “Stop it right now.”

“Do it to me,” Glanville said.

“I don’t like that,” said Vanderpump. “It’s like throwing a glass of wine in [Eileen Davidson’s] face.”

Continued Vanderpump: “What in the hell do you think you’re doing? It just always goes too far.”

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