January 12, 2016 11:00 PM

Bethenny Frankel, the most important person who has ever had opinions, appeared on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Tuesday night – and she had lots of opinions!

About Kyle Richards and her sister Kim; about Erika Girardi and her alter ego, Erika Jayne; about brands.

Frankel, utterly herself, was perfectly on brand. Bold, brash, honest, funny.

(Lisa Vanderpump, a spectator to Frankel’s visit, had another opinion: “Sometimes she needs to sweeten her brand a little bit.”)

Basically it went that while all the women were in the Hamptons anyway, previously celebrating Vanderpump’s magazine cover, they then later gathered at Frankel’s home, apparently at the impetus of Richards.

With the ladies at her home, Frankel found herself with lots to say about Erika Girardi. Things like, “Holy s— she’s hot” and “She looks like a Playboy bunny.”

And when Girardi played Frankel one of her music videos, there were more opinions.

Take a Tour of Bethenny Frankel’s Gorgeous Hamptons House You’ll Want an Invite!

The pacing was off, the branding was off, the aesthetic was trying too hard to be avant-garde, Frankel said.

Girardi took it all in stride, admitting, of course, that she was no expert in margaritas or skinniness. But still.

“I would never treat anyone that way at my home, I wouldn’t understand why you would have someone over and then s— all over them,” Girardi told the camera.

All was well enough by the end, as Frankel seemed to try and make clear that her opinions were not judgments – though the other women seemed less convinced. Then Girardi taught her a few dance moves.

Meanwhile, Eileen Davidson (who, in the episode’s best recurring moment, kept being so obvious about how much she loved Girardi’s alter ego, Erika Jayne!) worked to resolve some – one-sided? – tension with Vanderpump.

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Davidson felt that Vanderpump had pried too forcefully when she recently asked about how Davidson had met her husband, even though, Davidson said, Vanderpump could see how uncomfortable the question was.

Not so! Vanderpump said, during a completely unsatisfying let’s-clear-the-air chat at episode’s end. There, Vanderpump defended herself this way: If the questions were uncomfortable, you should have just told me.

Davidson agreed that that would have been best, but was still upset, it seemed. This thing will probably linger.

With Frankel on screen again, she could finally talk about Kim Richards with Kyle.

Because all of them went so far back that, Kyle told the cameras, it felt okay for the topic to finally come up. (As opposed to during the conversations with the other women.)

“I feel badly for you because you feel like you’re on the outside of it,” Frankel told Kyle of Kim’s drinking, arrest and other issues.

“People don’t realize you can’t help someone unless they want to be helped,” Kyle said – soon tearing up. “See, I can’t talk about this.”

And last was Lisa Rinna, involved in everything this evening, just about, but not sticking to any of it. Except Girardi’s music video! Which Rinna found … an uncomfortable kind of sticky.

Vanderpump, perhaps channeling a bit of Frankel’s spirit, summed her “prudish” reaction.

And everything else, really.

“Maybe she’s being judgmental, but she doesn’t want everyone else to be judgmental of her being judgmental.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. EST) on Bravo.

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