'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Lisa Rinna Questions Ailing Yolanda Foster's Instagram Posts – 'What Does She Want?'

Also: Foster's Canadian vacation offered its own interesting glimpse into her marriage with David


Finally, after two episodes and two plane rides and a thunderstorm and a tutu, the ladies of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills got to meet Lisa Vanderpump‘s miniature horses. Finally!

As Kyle Richards joked, spreading her hands apart a few inches, “This has been so built up, I was thinking the horses were going to be this big.”

There was so much quiet murmuring to, crouching down and chasing of the horses.

But now we can stop talking about these horses, because just like last week, they were the thing that everyone couldn’t stop talking about when really everyone wanted to never stop talking about Yolanda Foster‘s fight with Lyme disease.

Specifically Lisa Rinna, who wanted to talk about how bad she felt after previously not being able to stop herself from talking about Foster’s illness.


“I feel like I have to just purge myself of the fact that I even questioned it,” she told Richards and Vanderpump (before they all saw the ponies).

The whole scene was even more strange considering where it began: Rinna began with a whole host of questions about Foster’s use of Instagram (echoing Taylor Armstrong‘s appearance last week).

“How is she on a boat?” Rinna asked, adding, “Why the pictures?” and “What’s her message?”

“What does she want? What does she need?” Rinna asked the other women of Foster, laying out with several specific examples – apparently all from Foster’s Canadian vacation with her then-husband David – which Rinna felt was a very confusing use of social media.

If you are sick, she seemed to suggest, then you must perform sickness all the days of the year.

Foster’s vacation offered its own interesting glimpse into her marriage with David, then only months away from its public dissolution.

Together in Canada, he asked her if they could go walking that day, but she said she couldn’t.

To the camera, she explained, “The minute David and I got married, I got sick.”

“David gets impatient and he’s allowed to get impatient,” she said. “It’s a tough deal for him as well.”

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Rinna had a different perspective on the whole thing.

Totally unprompted (it seemed), she whipped out her phone and began to read off a summary explanation of Munchausen syndrome, in which, according to Wikipedia, “those affected feign disease, illness, or psychological trauma to draw attention, sympathy, or reassurance to themselves.”

Rinna did this not to suggest herself that Foster had Munchausen syndrome, but to … suggest that others were suggesting it?

Except … not?

Rinna then steered this conversation that she started (and in which none of the other women seemed nearly as engaged), back to a place where she said she felt she had betrayed Foster, even for bringing up all of this gossip, even if she didn’t believe the gossip herself.

To recap: Rinna wanted to talk about Foster’s use of social media, how maybe it sent mixed signals about her daily life battling a mysterious and debilitating illness.

Then Rinna wanted to talk about the possibility that Foster was making it all up.

And then Rinna wanted to talk about how bad she felt for bringing up that possibility, which she really only did to demonstrate that she had heard it from someone else and that she didn’t do enough in that other conversation to defend Foster.

Richards and Vanderpump had different perspectives on the whole thing.

“Now may be a good time to keep those big lips closed,” Richards said.

“To get involved in gossip about Yolanda’s illness, there’s no upside,” Vanderpump said, adding, “This is going to explode.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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