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"I wasn't trying to destroy you," Parks told longtime enemy Moore

April 06, 2015 07:25 AM

Easter blessings extended all the way to The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Sunday night.

Viewers witnessed something they never thought they’d see: Enemies Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks ended their long-standing feud during their girls’ trip to the Philippines with a genuinely emotional truce.

“I was in a place of being angry. I was very hurt by what had transpired because really when we first met, we were working on a friendship,” Parks started. “At the end of the day, I can’t change the past.”

Continued Parks: “I can only move forward, and I’m ready to move forward. I’ve been ready to move forward. Hopefully, this is our new door.”

But an unusually quiet Moore was hesitant at first.

“Even though you say you’re over it, your behavior is not showing me that,” she said. “You shut me down every time. The biggest blow is when you started calling me whores.”

Continued a crying Moore – who has long been upset that Parks’s ex-husband, Apollo Nida, accused Moore of wanting to have sex with him before later coming clean: “You didn’t respect me, care about me. You didn’t even treat me like a human being. I just felt like I was left with no choice but to believe that you were literally just trying to destroy me.”

“At the end of the day, when it got bad, it got real bad,” said Parks. “I wasn’t trying to destroy you. I’m sincerely apologizing to you.”

“I have never seen [Apollo] in L.A.,” Moore told Parks. “I have never propositioned him. I have never crossed a line with him, nor have I ever wanted to. I just need to know you believe that.”

“As a wife, I had to roll with my husband,” Parks said through tears. “We don’t go together anymore so I don’t know what to believe I can’t change that. I can’t It’s not about you. It’s about everything.”

Continued Parks: “Your slate is clear with me. It’s in my rearview. From here on out, I will never call you a whore again Let’s agree to work on our relationship.”

Parks then asked Moore to pray with her.

“God … for every wrong, we ask that you make a right. Amen,” Parks said, as the two held hands.

How’s that for an Easter miracle?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday (8 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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