Apollo Nida says a sad goodbye to his sons, while Claudia Jordan flirts with Porsha Williams's ex-husband, Kordell Stewart

By Wade Rouse
Updated January 26, 2015 08:05 AM
Alex Martinez/Bravo

Contracts are made to be broken, but Cynthia Bailey took it one step further on Sunday’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta when she burned the friendship contract between her and former BFF NeNe Leakes.

“Burn, baby, burn,” Bailey cheered, clapping. “It’s over.”

Bailey burned it after her friendship with Leakes went up in flames over the past season and imploded following the wives’ shady trip to sunny Puerto Rico.

“NeNe made it crystal clear she didn’t want to be friends,” Bailey said, prompting her sister, Malorie, to find the contract, which had been signed and filed away.

“The friendship contract is dead,” said Bailey, setting it on fire in the kitchen sink.

Meanwhile, Apollo Nida tried to explain to his two young sons he was going away to prison to serve eight years for fraud.

“When daddy’s away from the house, how does it make you feel?” Nida asked his sons, Ayden and Dylan, when he took them to get yogurt.

“Sad,” said Ayden, 4. “I want you to come back right now.”

“What if I couldn’t come home right now?” Nida asked.

“Then I’ll come to visit you, and I’ll stay there forever,” said his son.

“You must love daddy,” Nida said, adding, “I’m trying to adjust to the fact I may not see my children. It’s like I’m in prison, but I’m not.”

Phaedra Parks, who confirmed in December that she is divorcing Nida, said to her mother, “It’s hard to see the rainbow when you’re in the middle of the storm.”

And a storm might be brewing between Claudia Jordan and Porsha Williams. Jordan cozied up to Williams’s ex-husband Kordell Stewart at a kickoff party for a new sports bar Stewart opened with Bailey’s husband, Peter Thomas.

“I had no idea Kordell was Peter’s partner,” said Jordan, who has known Stewart for over 15 years.

Kenya Moore got things moving between the two when she said, “You two seem really comfortable together,” before asking Stewart, “Would you get married again?”

“I made the choice to move forward,” he said. “There’s somebody out there.”

“I see your ex-wife everyday,” said Jordan. “I’ve never been the kind of girl who actively goes after the ex but we’re not exactly friends.”

After everyone exited, Jordan and Stewart shared information and a selfie as well as some flirty banter.

“Kordell might be feeling me a little bit,” said Jordan, before the wives rejoined her.

“To friendship,” said Jordan.

“To the next Mrs. Stewart,” said Moore with a laugh.

“I hate you right now,” said Jordan.

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