Bailey and her husband, Peter Thomas, fight after he asks his wife for a "man cave" across town to escape the stress of their marriage

By Wade Rouse
January 06, 2014 08:30 AM
Credit: Alex Martinez/Bravo

Cynthia Bailey’s surprise announcement to husband Peter Thomas that her sister wanted to move in despite the pair’s contentious relationship escalated a fight that revealed deep cracks in their marriage on Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

“We can’t continue like this Somebody needs an escape route,” Thomas said, telling his wife he’d like to get a “man cave” in Atlanta where he could go to escape the stress of their relationship.

“Married people don’t get a bungalow across town,” Bailey, 46, said. “Next thing, you’ll be asking for a little hottie on the side.”

Continued Bailey: “I moved to Atlanta because I was completely in love with you but this roller coaster ride is exhausting I was not depressed when I met you.”

When Bailey indicated that Thomas didn’t “worry about the bills,” he want ballistic.

“That’s where we were two f—— years ago,” he yelled. “Why do you keep on going back there? You wanna tell me I can’t get my own man cave? This marriage is just gonna become a job.”

A job didn’t seem to be much of a concern for Porsha Stewart, who surprised her family by moving out of her mother’s home and into a new one: An 8,000-square-foot mansion in the same neighborhood as NeNe Leakes.

“Have you ran this across your accountant?” asked Stewart’s concerned mother, after seeing her giant kitchen and finished basement. “Do you have income?”

“This is a believe-in-Porsha move!” said Stewart, 32, not answering her mother’s question. “I’m a big girl now!”

Stewart also told her mother, sister and brother that she had talked to ex-husband Kordell Stewart, but that it hadn’t turned out to be a good idea.

“I want this divorce to be over,” she said, which pleased her family who tired of seeing her treated as Kordell’s “possession.”

And Phaedra Parks and Leakes pleased a lot of children when they returned to their childhood hometown at the request of Mynique Smith’s husband, Chuck, a former NFL player, to speak at the Boys & Girls Club of Athens.

“Don’t let bein’ from a smaller town keep you from bein’ what you want to be,” said Parks, 40, while Leakes, 45, told the kids, “I’ve always been a dreamer always reach for the stars.”

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