"The narcissism of this woman and her self-importance and her blatant disregard of people that have helped her has got to stop," she said

Luann de Lesseps and Barbara Kavovit‘s friendship is over.

The drama began during the latest season of The Real Housewives of New York City, when “Friend of the Housewives” Kavovit was caught on camera criticizing de Lesseps’ vocal skills while she sat in the audience for the cabaret show.

While the women seemingly made up during the show’s reunion over the summer, de Lesseps, 54, slammed Kavovit on Jenny McCarthy‘s SiriusXM show on Monday and said of their friendship, “You have to pull the weeds so you can make room for the flowers.”

On Thursday, Kavovit fired back at the “Jovani” singer on Us Weekly‘s Hot in Hollywood podcast and elaborated on how their friendship fell apart.

“At the reunion, she hugged me,” Kavovit recalled. “After the reunion was over, I went to her room and she practically slammed the door in my face. She wouldn’t talk to me. The hug was fake. Mary, her makeup artist who is also a friend of mine, invited me into her room and she said ‘What is she doing here?’ I was like ‘We just hugged it out girlfriend, wasn’t that real?’ It wasn’t real, I didn’t know this.

Barbara Kavovit and Luann de Lesseps
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The Heels of Steels author said that she threw de Lesseps a clam bake after the reunion.

“We had a great relationship, we were talking every, everything is fine,” Kavovit recalled. “The reunion airs in July and she loses her s— again. It just kind of rebuilt up to where ‘Oh yeah that’s right I am pissed at her and I am going to never talk to her again.’ And she threw me under the bus with the the show, with the producers.”

A Bravo rep for de Lesseps is not commenting.

Kavovit then slammed her former friend for the comments made during McCarthy’s show this week.

“And the fact that yesterday on Jenny McCarthy’s show she analogized me to ‘pulling weeds.’ The woman that saved you from $800,000 deposit with bankers, helping her kids, her ex-husband with the lawsuit, got her an additional over half a million dollars by creating a spreadsheet for lawyers to show that her ex-husband did not pay enough child support,” Kavovit claimed.

Barbara Kavovit & Luann de Lesseps
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“The narcissism of this woman and her self-importance and her blatant disregard of people that have helped her has got to stop,” she said.

At the end of the podcast, Kavovit vowed that her friendship with de Lesseps was over for good.

“There is no good with Luann,” she said. “I had a 14-year friendship with her that I will walk away from forever. She will never have me as a friend again.”