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Updated October 15, 2008 12:00 AM
Credit: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo (2)

It was a party that tore them apart, and it was a party that brought them back together. After dashing diva NeNe was shut out of frienemy Sheree‘s birthday bash on last week’s episode, things were tense among The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

After the blowout at the party the night before, both women dealt with the their stress in typical diva fashion. NeNe vented to her hairstylist over a posh lunch, and Sheree took part in some retail therapy. But she didn’t shop with the common folk. Instead, a stylist brought the latest fashionable footwear to her house to add to Sheree’s collection of more than 1,000 pairs of shoes.

Meanwhile, DeShawn continued her quest to find both an estate manager and a personal assistant to help keep things running. And as her personal chef sliced pineapples in the kitchen, the housewife continued to refer to herself as a single parent who has to do everything herself since her NBA husband Eric Snow is away from home six days a week. So exhausting!

Speaking of exhaustion, Lisa‘s boundless energy finally caught up with her. After a day full of showing houses and presenting to investors, the busy bee was forced to retire to her bed with a fever. But she was able to count on her NFL husband Ed Hartwell, who took care of her by whipping up some homemade chicken soup.

And Kim, along with best friend Cori, busied herself with preparations for her daughter’s birthday party, which, in the spirit of the show’s celebration of excess, should probably be discussed: Kim’s 11-year-old daughter, Brielle, who wore a full face of makeup to the soiree (naturally), should go ahead and submit her application for My Super Sweet 16, because the price tag for her party — which included a hotel sleepover for 13 friends, a stretch Hummer limo, a fashion show, and a $1,610 Louis Vuitton handbag, among other gifts — totaled more than $18,000, prompting Cori to accuse Kim of (gasp!) spoiling her children.

“Let them realize how other live,” she told Kim. But Kim was too busy complaining that she didn’t sign up to be the cake cutter. (Maybe DeShawn has one on staff she could borrow?)

So, despite the continued absence of her very expensive party planner, things seemed to be running pretty smoothly — until Sheree informed Kim that she was coming to the party. Luckily, Sheree and NeNe had made up behind the scenes, but Kim didn’t know this and was left to worry about potential drama ruining her daughter’s party should both divas show up. But it was all going according to plan for NeNe, who had purposely kept quiet about the reconciliation because she wanted to be the talk of the party.

Upon her arrival, NeNe followed her hairstylist’s advice and took the high road, greeting Sheree with a big hug and showering her with compliments about her hair. But will their reunion be short-lived?

“If she gets outta line any other time,” NeNe warns, “I will put her back in her place!” — Chris Willard

Tell us: Does Kim spoil her kids? Did NeNe give up the fight too easily?Virginia Sherwood/Bravo (2)