'Real Housewives' : Lynne Forgives Husband After Eviction

Photo: Mitch Haaseth/Bravo

After getting served with an eviction notice, Lynne blamed her husband Frank for keeping their financial troubles a secret and the couple stood at a crossroads. “I’ve always been able to forgive and forget but I don’t want to,” she told Tamra on Thursday’s The Real Housewives of Orange County.

“My wife has been an angel in the last 20 years,” Frank said when he took her to dinner to talk. “Whatever happens from here, whatever comes my way, I deserve.”

“I just want to know the truth,” she said. “I’m his partner in life and I deserve to know.”

Pleading with her to not give up, Frank said, “I love you too much to quit … After all we’ve been through, we can handle anything.”

In the end Lynne forgave her husband. “I’m a pushover,” she said. “Frank is a good guy. I still love him. I always forgive him because I love him.”

Meanwhile, Vicki got excellent news when her daughter Briana found out her biopsy results, which showed she was cancer free. But the drama between Vicki and the other women lingered since their trip to San Francisco. So who did she turn to? Her old friend Jeana!

“I can definitely look back and appreciate the friendship I’ve had with Jeana,” Vicki said. “Our friendship has been hurt but at least I know where I stand with Jeana.”

Vicki recounted the details of the lunch in San Francisco, where Alexis confronted her for implying that she was the only Housewife with a job. “What is Tamra Barney doing when this girl’s attacking you?” Jeana asked.

“I think she’s somewhat siding with her,” Vicki said.

“I kind of thought that Vicki deserved it a little bit,” Jeana said later.

Finally free from drama (for now), Gretchen attempted to launch her makeup line at a convention but she should have listened to Vicki, who advised that her timing was off. “Looks like there’s not going to be that many this year, which is a little disappointing,” Gretchen said when no one showed up to her booth. “A lot of don’t have the money to spend on milk and bread right now.”

On the other hand, Alexis was thrilled to have her mother in town so the two could hit the plastic surgeon’s office. Despite fawning over her 58-year-old mom’s wrinkle-free face, Alexis took her to her for an eyebrow lift, what she called “preventative maintenance,” which turned into $13,000 worth of procedures. “All women need to have a certain level of mainteneance and a certain level of beauty,” Alexis said. “It makes them happier.”

Celebrating her 42nd birthday, Tamra got together with her “hos and mos” for an early — and boozy — lunch. When Vicki sent an employee to the restaurant to deliver the present, Tamra said, “That’s pretty hurtful.”

“Who has a birthday at 11 o’clock on Tuesday?” Vicki explained. “I’m working.”

Later over a dinner with her husband Simon, she felt the need to order him “a shot of happiness,” explaining that on her birthday she wanted to get him drunk so he’d be less reserved.

“I look at myself like Desi Arnaz,” Simon said. “I have a Lucille Ball type of wife … I let her get away with a lot of things that embarrass me and I hold my tongue.”

“Right now it just seems like there’s always an argument,” Tamra said.

After dinner, the pair went for a gondola ride. “Simon and I are really weird … We can be fighting with her other one minute and then totally making up and having fun the next,” she said. “The gondola ride was no different. We were out having fun and making the best of it.” Then she licked his face.

Tell us: Did Lynne make the right decision to forgive Frank? Will Vicki and Tamra make up?Mitch Haaseth/Bravo

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