'Real Housewives' : Lynne Confronts Gretchen for Meddling

Photo: Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo

After Gretchen‘s awkward shopping trip with Lynne‘s daughter Alexa, Lynne confronted her costar on Thursday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. First, while walking their dogs, Lynne questioned Gretchen’s expertise when it comes to teenagers — and whether she’s a good role model at all. “Until you’re a parent you really don’t know what you’re in for,” she said. Later, over dinner with Lynne’s husband Frank and Gretchen’s boyfriend Slade, they tried to talk it out over margaritas but didn’t get very far.

Gretchen explained: “I struggled with breaking rules and I struggled with body-image issues to the point where I ended up having a problem with bulimia and I was trying to look out for signals of kids that are going through that.”

Lynne’s take: “I don’t need coming up and telling me how to raise my kids … I think it’s very calculated what Gretchen and Slade are trying to do. They’re trying to make themselves look better by making us look bad … I just know Gretchen and how she is. She doesn’t need to get involved with my daughter and my family.”

Meanwhile, Tamra was still fretting over the feud between her soon-to-be ex husband Simon and her son Ryan. Over Chinese food, she asked Ryan once again to apologize for taking Simon’s car while they were out of town but he said he didn’t care enough about his stepdad to make amends. But after getting a call from an employer to congratulate him on landing a new job, Ryan sucked it up and said he was sorry to Simon. Still, he admitted he did it only so his mom would stop nagging him.

In another effort to bring the Housewives together for a girls-only good time, Vicki hosted a martini and Jello shot-fueled slumber party — and all the women showed up, including Alexis, who refused to turn off her phone in case her husband needed to call for help finding toilet paper, cereal bowls or spoons or had to change a diaper, a task she admitted he’s never completed on his own. Before the women put on masks to go across the street and throw toilet paper into the trees of former Housewife Jeana, Vicki had a surprise guest.

It was a psychic named Dougall Fraser, who read the ladies’ auras and made them face some uncomfortable truths. While Tamra took it seriously — “He called me pretty and he called me smart,” she said. “He didn’t call any of the other girls pretty and smart. I love that guy” — others did not. Lynne: “I’m psychic. I really am … I can tell he’s not psychic because I’m so psychic.”

Then again, Dougall did know that Lynne had the gift. –Aaron Parsley

Tell us: Team Gretchen or Team Lynne? Do you believe in psychics and do you think Dougall was legit? Is Lynne psychic?Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo

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