By People Staff
Updated September 11, 2009 12:00 AM
Credit: Gregg DeGuire/PictureGroup

Thursday night’s episode showcased each Atlanta Housewife pursuing her own business venture — with varying degrees of success. Kim commissioned a cross-dressing, apparently great-smelling weave stylist named Derek J to help launch her line of “volumptuous sic porno” wigs. “Derek J is not transsexual or trans-gender; He’s just trans-fantastic!” she explained of the man whose flair for hair would keep her 7-year-old daughter Arianna outfitted in Dior without the benefit of Big Papa’s credit line.

“I’m going to die in Juicy Couture; I don’t want to look like I came from the 1990s,” declared Kim’s daughter, while racking up a $3,075.06 shopping bill.

Nene‘s maternal instincts were also on display, as she enlisted Dwight to groom her lay-about son Bryson. But the Leakes family feud was nothing compared to the brewing storm between Lisa and Sheree. Their beef was more vicious, in its way, than even Sheree and Kim’s street brawl — because it was combat conducted with smiles.

In the grand tradition of Atlanta‘s catfight, let’s relive the best and boldest moments:

1. “I find it very odd that Lisa’s starting a fashion line because — wait — how do I say it? I mean, because Lisa doesn’t have any taste.” –Kim, calling the kettle black?

2. “It’s taken Sheree two years to get it together. I did it in less than a month and half. If I had two years, do you know what mine would look like?” –Lisa, comparing her expediently launched Closet Freak collection with the disastrously delayed She by Sheree

3. “I didn’t see Lisa’s fashion show. But when I got there, I did see the piece that Lisa had on. And if it was any indication of what her show was like, I didn’t miss a thing.” –Sheree, expertly hitting Lisa where it hurts

4. “Kim is not business. She is not a woman that you could see holding down a board meeting. Are you serious? She’s faking it. But I’m going.” –Nene, unsupportive, dismissive and dubious, but unable to stay away from Kim’s wig party

5. “It was interesting.” –Dwight, critiquing Lisa’s less than polished fashion show — to her face –Suzanne Zuckerman

Tell us: Whose line is likely to be more successful: Kim’s wig collection, Lisa’s Closet Freak clothing or She by Sheree? Would you buy what these ladies are selling?Gregg DeGuire/PictureGroup