By People Staff
Updated September 18, 2009 12:00 AM
Credit: Quantrell Colbert/Bravo

Kim brought some blood, sweat and tears to Thursday’s Real Housewives of Atlanta. The blonde was literally at the center of the drama as she triumphantly conquered her fear of singing in public and stepped back into the studio to record Kandi‘s revamped version of “Tardy for the Party” only to take a bloody tumble later at a black-tie party in honor of the ladies’ alter-ego photo shoot.

Kim thought she was heading to Kandi’s house to hang out, but Kandi had other plans: She wanted Kim to record vocals on “Tardy for the Party,” which the singer had refashioned into a club-friendly track. After a slow start — and plenty of tears — Kim jumped in the booth and belted out the hook. Impressed with her efforts, Kandi and her team of producers applauded Kim, who grew so confident by her performance, she decided to scrap her duet partner, NeNe. “It’s my moment, and I want it to be my moment,” she said.

As for NeNe, she eagerly awaited the results of the alter-ego photo shoot that she directed. She brought along Lisa to crash in on photographer Derek Blanks at his studio and get a sneak peek. Blanks, though, wasn’t having it: Instead, he preferred to reveal the photographs at a black-tie event.

Sheree, meanwhile, was focused on fitness, working hard with her trainer, Cliff. “I have the body of a hot 25-year-old,” Sheree said, “and Cliff helps me keep it that way.” But Cliff seemed more interested in playing matchmaker, grilling Sheree about what she looks for in a man as she worked her glutes. After inviting her to see him at his bodybuilding competition, Cliff introduced Sheree to a friend. “I had no idea he was trying to hook me up,” she said, revealing her displeasure at his selection and calling the guy, “totally not my type.”

Finally, the night of the black tie bash arrived. As NeNe got made up for the bash, she was enthusiastic about singing on Kim’s song, unaware that she’d been voted out of the band! As the guests arrived, excitement reached a fever pitch. Nene promised a Derek Blanks she’d give her honest feedback.

But then Kim took a tumble. Walking out to the patio for a cigarette, the newly confident crooner broke her shoe strap and cut up her leg. So, Kim was dragged out of the party by Dwight, who was apparently living out a doctor fantasy. The fashionista dressed Kim’s wounds as she sat in the front seat of her car, legs hanging out slack and cigarette in her mouth. With the focus now on Kim, she took the opportunity to blast “Tardy for the Party” from her car speakers. Guests drifted outside more curious to see how she was faring than the actual photographs.

NeNe, meanwhile, complained about Kim upstaging her on her big night. Lisa, too, seemed nonplussed by the blonde’s injuries, bloody as they seemed. “I’m looking at her like that’s a scraped knee, girl,” Lisa said. As a solution, NeNe moved the big photo reveal outside — complaining — as the entire party had migrated into the driveway by then.

And, in the least dramatic moment of the entire hour, the photos were revealed. Turns out, everybody loved their photos as tears (of joy) were shed. –Brian OrloffQuantrell Colbert/Bravo