All of the Most Epic 'Real Housewives' Brawls, Ever

From table flips to drinks thrown, we're reliving all of the best (or is it worst?) moments from Potomac, Beverly Hills and beyond

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Monique Samuels Physically Attacks Candiace Dillard at a Wine Tasting

Monique Samuels Candiace Dillard
Monique Samuels, Candiace Dillard. Gary Gershoff/Getty Images; Dominik Bindl/FilmMagic

Samuels and Dillard got into a frightening physical altercation on an episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. The cast had gone wine tasting to celebrate Gizelle Bryant's literary award when a fight broke out and producers had to forcibly separate the two castmates.

The episode picked up where the week before had left off, showing Dillard asking Samuels, "You gone drag me?"

Samuels then responded, "Do you want me to?" before appearing to grab Dillard's wig and dragging her across the table.

As the rest of the cast yelled in horror for Samuels to stop, the tussle continued.

"Let her go! Monique, let her go!" Karen Huger screamed, but Samuels held on to Dillard by her hair and appeared to hit her repeatedly.

At one point a wine glass went flying, and liquid splashed in Samuels' face.

"Monique, stop!" Huger screamed as Dr. Wendy Osefo yelled, "No, baby no!"

The altercation continued until producers arrived to separate the two.

"Get the hood-rat-ass bitch out of here!" Dillard yelled as Osefo and a producer attempted to fix Dillard's wig and put her jacket on.

Meanwhile, in a different room, Samuels told a producer named James that Dillard "asked for it."

Samuels explained to the producer that she felt Dillard was "baiting her" and that's why she started "flipping" Dillard's hair.

What went wrong between the two former friends? During the prior episode, Samuels felt disrespected at her lake house by Dillard, who had pulled Bryant and Ashley Darby away for a chat about Darby's husband, Michael Darby, being spotted at a strip club. Dillard apologized but defended her decision to discuss the sensitive matter in private. "It was none of everyone's business," Dillard told Samuels, who quipped back: "It's about being considerate."

The two are also feuding over Dillard's relationship with former Housewife Charrisse Jordan Jackson. Samuels believes Jackson has been spreading a rumor that she had an inappropriate relationship with her fitness trainer. Samuels has denied the affair, and Jackson has denied spreading the rumor.

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NeNe Gets Into Near-Physical Brawl with Kenya

NeNe Leakes, Kenya Moore
Gregg DeGuire/WireImage; Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Leakes had to be restrained by producers on a January 2020 episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta after she appeared to attempt to get physical during a heated argument with longtime rival Moore.

Months after she ripped a male cameraman's T-shirt and allegedly choked a producer during her infamous closet freakout, the O.G. Atlanta Housewife was once again on the attack, this time lunging towards the new mom and telling her to "shut the f— up, bitch."

"You shut the f— up! You shut the f— up! You got the wrong motherf—ing bitch," yelled Leakes swinging at Moore as producers cornered her. "I will f— you up."

At the time, Leakes and Moore were on a cast trip to Toronto alongside costars Kandi Burruss, Cynthia Bailey, Porsha Williams and Eva Marcille, as well as Friends of the Housewives Marlo Hampton, Tanya Sam and frequent RHOA guest Gail "Yovanna" Momplaisir.

They were attempting to find out the identity of the "snake," a nickname coined earlier this season for the person who allegedly secretly recorded Bailey slamming Leakes in a private conversation.

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Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump's Friendship Ends Over #PuppyGate

Bravo (2)

The Lucy Lucy Apple Juice saga was the main storyline to hit RHOBH season 9. The situation began after Dorit adopted a puppy from Vanderpump Dogs. After she claimed the dog bit her daughter Phoenix, she decided Lucy wasn't a good fit for their family and she found another home for her. However, unbeknownst to Dorit, the new owner also decided to give Lucy away and the pup ended up at a shelter. The shelter alerted Vanderpump that they had Lucy and that's when things got interesting. The following events that occurred — Vanderpump's employee spilling the beans about Dorit's situation to Teddi and Kyle on camera, Lisa Rinna stepping in to suggest that Teddi and Kyle were set up by Vanderpump to publically out Dorit, Vanderpump getting accused by her castmates about leaking the story to the press — led up to a showdown between Vanderpump, her husband Ken and Kyle, which ultimately led to the end of their friendship and Vanderpump quitting the show.

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Bethenny Breaks Down After Telling Luann that 'Life is Not a Cabaret'

Luanne de Lesseps Bethenny Frankel
Bravo (2)

By the end of RHONY season 11, the entire cast had become fed up with Luann. The women felt like the success of Luann's cabaret show was getting to her head, especially when most of them, especially Barbra and Bethenny, had stepped in to help Luann throughout her arrest and struggle with sobriety.

During dinner, Barbra tried to tell Luann that she felt neglected as a friend, to which Luann responded, "It's not my fault." Then, when tipsy Tinsley jumped in to back up Barbra's claims, Luann started to mock her for slurring her words. Seconds after, all hell broke loose.

Bethenny called Luann "insufferable" and listed out all the ways she and her late ex-boyfriend Dennis Shields had been there for her but Luann shot down everything that was being said, which only escalated Bethenny's breakdown. The brutal, heart-wrenching fight will definitely go down as one of the toughest scenes to watch in Housewives history.

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Dorit Drunkenly Calls Camille a See You Next Tuesday

Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic; Steve Zak Photography/Getty

When you mix cocktails and Housewives, things never end well. The then-RHOBH newbie Dorit learned that lesson the hard way when she drank a little too much at dinner during season 8.

Kyle threw a dinner party at her house to gather the ladies together and to also welcome Camille's then-boyfriend, now-husband David C. Meyer to the group, but things got awkward when Dorit started to drink a little too much. She began to ramble on and on until the words, "Camille, you're a stupid c---," flew out of her mouth and the damage was done. Fortunately, the ladies were able to make nice after the incident but the harsh words left a dent in their relationship as they moved forward.

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Vicki Breaks Girl Code and Kelly Calls Her Out


Once Kelly started receiving texts from people saying that Vicki had helped set up her ex-husband Michael with his new girlfriend, she was gobsmacked to learn that Vicki had also gone on a few double dates with them and her now-fiancé Steve Lodge. The shocking admission came out during season 13 of RHOC when Kelly invited Vicki over her house to address the rumors.

Vicki defended her actions by saying, "I had a BBQ four months ago. My friend was there and he was there," referring to Kelly's ex Michael and the woman he is now dating. "And I didn't hook up anybody," she continued. "They communicated afterwards and I was out. I didn't know where it was going and it was none of my business."

Kelly was surprised and hurt that Vicki chose not to tell her any of this but Vicki stood her ground and said, "It is not my fault that your husband is dating somebody. I care so much about you that I didn't tell you."

If the trailer for season 14 is any indication of their current friendship status, Kelly and Vicki still have some making up to do.

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Emily Threatens to 'F------ Kill' Kelly


There's been a history of Housewives defending their men but RHOC's Emily took it a step too far during an argument she had with Kelly. The spat began when Emily's husband Shane appeared to stick up for Vicki's then-boyfriend Steve Lodge, which ticked Kelly off since Steve and Vicki allegedly helped introduce Kelly's ex-husband to his new girlfriend. Kelly persisted to talk about Shane, calling him "a little b----," which is when Emily stepped in to stick up for her husband.

"Kelly, that's my husband. Hey, that's my husband. You don't f------ talk to my husband like that," Emily yelled, as Shane and costar Gina held her back. "You don't talk to my husband like that. Get her the f— away from me. I will f—ing kill you," she said.

The heated moment eventually passed but after that intense exchange of words, the Housewives should remember that husbands are always off limits.

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Kim and Kenya Throw Down at Shere's Housewarming Party

Rob Kim/Getty Images; Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

No, Kim isn't on RHOA — she exited suddenly in season 5 — but on the season 9 finale she was back in full force, taking Kenya down while defending Sherée at her housewarming party.

Through the entire season, Kenya and Sherée had been going back and forth about whose new house is better, and at Sherée's housewarming bash, Kenya couldn't keep the negative comments in, especially after peeking into her rival's unfinished basement. Kim decided to step in and stand up for her friend, but things quickly became personal as the two went off on each other's personal lives.

"I got a man at home. A real one," Kim said. "Don't even pull that m———— card with me. At least I have six kids. You should probably stop talking s— about kids because then God might give you f—— one, nasty. Twirl your f—— unhappy ass out. You don't come into somebody's house while they're celebrating moving-in and be an a——."

"Don't be a bitch. Your husband doesn't have a job right now so worry about that," Kenya replied, referencing Kim's husband's status as an NFL free agent. "Worry about you and your check. I'm doing fine."

"Bitch, you want to be me. You want to have a baby, you can't. You want to have a man, you f—— don't. Bye m———–. Bye!"

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Everyone Pretty Much Fights Everyone on the RHOBH Season 7 Finale

Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic; Noel Vasquez/Getty

No one was going down without a fight at Lisa Vanderpump's diamonds and rosé party at the end of RHOBH season 7. Lisa Rinna and Dorit continued their war of words that began in Hong Kong when Lisa asked the newcomer a) if she let people do coke in her home. Erika and Dorit kept going about "pantygate," with Dorit's husband finally weighing in to Erika's face. And Eden and Lisa Rinna faced off over trust issues, with Eileen stepping in to attempt to smooth things over. It was so much drama that you definitely need to read the recap.

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Erika Takes Down Dorit (and Eileen!) in Hong Kong


Erika and Dorit's friendship — or maybe more accurately, lack thereof — became the focus of a season 7 RHOBH trip to Hong Kong that was supposed to be about Lisa Vanderpump's charity work. After a heated conversation on a junk boat — in which "pantygate" came back up and Erika put Dorit in her place about the situation and her alleged obsession with her, the conversation continued at a dinner, and a well-intentioned Eileen put her foot in her mouth, big time. "I don't think [Dorit] really understood what she was getting into," Eileen said. "I don't think she's evil. She's already saying 'Sorry' — what do you want then? There's nothing she can say or do that can make it okay? She didn't kill your child." Erika's only child is a cop, and she broke down over the fear that her child could be killed at any time. "Your kid doesn't put on a uniform every day and night and put his life out on the line for people he doesn't know. Don't ever talk about my f---ing kid again. Shut the f--- up. You don't know what I deal with every night." Erika later apologized to Eileen for losing control, but as of the March 28 episode, was still waiting on Dorit to call her husband and apologize about pantygate.

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Shereé Checks her Party Planner


"Who gon' check me, boo?" became the phrase of the moment during season 2 of RHOA after Shereé uttered the words to her "Independence Party" planner, who wasn't giving the newly single housewife what she wanted. When she confronted him about his empty party promises, he got aggressive – and she talked him right down.

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Lisa Smashes a Glass at Kim


In reaction to Lisa questioning her sobriety (or, perhaps, absence thereof), Kim lashed out on RHOBH season 5. "Let's talk about the husband. … You better watch what you talk about me, or everyone will know," she threatened, prompting Lisa to go for Kim's throat, then pick up a glass and toss its contents at Kim before smashing the glass itself. "Never go after my husband!" Lisa shouted.

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Bethenny & Kelly's 'Scary Island' Showdown


The season 3 RHONY Kelly meltdown in the Virgin Islands was a lot of things: scary, jarring, hilarious. She spewed enough hate toward Bethenny to last a whole season ("There's like knives on her tongue"; "I had nightmares Bethenny was trying to kill me"; "Most chefs don't chop") and cemented her place as the loose screw of the New York City crew.

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Brandi Pushes Kyle Down the Stairs


When a potentially inebriated Kim tried to leave a poker party without having eaten on season 5 of RHOBH, sister Kyle tried to get her to eat a slice of pizza. After Kim turned it down, Kyle pushed the issue and Brandi pushed her down a small flight of stairs. Brandi wasn't a total villain, here – she was telling Kyle to leave her sister alone and went on the defense on social media to claim that Kyle had scratched her first.

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Joe vs. Joe: Christening Brawl


At little Joey Gorga's christening in the season 3 premiere of RHONJ, the Gorgas weren't thrilled about Teresa being late to the service and about Joe Giudice skipping it altogether. When the Giudices arrived at the reception, the Joes had to be pulled apart after getting into each other's faces because … of the lateness? (Honestly, the reason for such a reaction was pretty unclear.)

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Aviva Takes Off her Leg


Need we say more? As the RHONY women aired their issues with Aviva in season 6, she broke in by saying, "The only thing that is artificial or fake about me is this," plopping her unattached prosthetic leg on the table for all to see. Watch it here.

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Porsha Accuses Kandi of Attempting to Drug Her


After Kandi revealed she and Porsha shared a late-night dance-floor make out session that prompted Porsha to ask if the two could have sex in RHOA season 9, all hell broke loose. Porsha responded with a series of shocking allegations — including that Kandi had a sex dungeon, had previously been involved in a seven-year relationship with a woman and was currently being cheated on by her husband, Todd Tucker — and that Kandi wanted to drug her and a mutual friend in order to bring them back to her house that night. "That really bothered me because I've been in the music industry since I was a kid and people get into the whole drug and drinking thing," Kandi explained. "It's just been boilin' my blood. Because if she's out there telling people this mess, that could ruin my life. So I have to let people know that this bitch is full of s---."

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Brandi Slaps Lisa in the Face


Though Brandi slapped Lisa in the face in jest on a season 5 episode of RHOBH, Lisa did not get the joke. (We didn't really get it, either.) Writing in a blog for Bravo, Lisa admitted that it wasn't the force of the slap but the "violation" inherent in the act that made her so upset. "I f---ed up," Brandi wrote in her own blog. "I admit that." (Watch it here.)

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Joe vs. Joe: Scumgate


When Teresa told her husband that her brother Joe Gorga had called her "scum" on season 5 of RHONJ, all hell broke loose, though those punches never really did connect. We were all given a great gift, however, when everyone came away covered in a mysterious black substance – Joe Gorga's black hair dye. (Watch it here.)

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It's Unbe-WEAVE-able


After Teresa and Danielle couldn't play nice during a RHONJ fashion show in season 2, Jacqueline's daughter, Ashlee, joined the melee and pulled out Danielle's hair extensions. A veritable Housewife in training!

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Adriana Punches Joanna


It's rare that punches are thrown on Housewives, but Adriana was feeling so much rage toward Joanna on this season 2 episode of Real Housewives of Miami that she let one go, making contact with her foe's face (though editors may have enhanced the sound effects a bit). "From that moment on, I just see red, and next thing you know …" Adriana said in her not-so-explanatory explanation. (Watch it here.)

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Game Night at Dana's House


While game night did not come to blows or wine-throwing, things got incredibly awkward in season 2 of RHOBH when Brandi got into it with the Richards sisters after accusing Kim of being drunk, prompting Kyle to call Brandi a slut. It was a hot mess from start to finish, with Dana taking the side of the Richards sisters, egging everyone on and generally being the worst host ever.

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Jacqueline Ends Her Friendship with Teresa & Melissa


After weeks of mounting tensions between Jacqueline and Teresa and Melissa, Jacqueline reached her breaking point in Vermont in season 7 of New Jersey, calling Teresa "a f---ing criminal" and Melissa "a fake, phony bitch" and appearing to end her relationship with the two for good. "She is a convicted felon, and that's not going to change," Jacqueline said of Teresa. "She's one of the toxic people in my life I gotta get out. I don't feel the hurt this time. I feel relief." The entire fight stemmed back to an early season's "strippergate," when Teresa was accused of spreading rumors about sister-in-law Melissa's secret past. Teresa told Melissa Jacqueline started the rumors — while Jacqueline contended she actually warned Melissa of the entire situation. Regardless, the situation seemed to bond Teresa and Melissa, and leave Jacqueline feeling weightless.

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Tamra Throws Wine in Jeana's Face


The RHOC season 6 finale was quite splashy after Tamra threw a glass of red wine in Jeana's face. See, Tamra was in the process of divorcing her husband, Simon, a friend of Jeana's. Jeana said some not-so-great things about Tamra in the press, resulting in Tamra presenting her with a cease and desist letter (or was that "cyst and decease"?) at a party. When Jeana gave Tamra some lip, the red wine went flying.

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Porsha Knocks Kenya Down

Porsha Williams Booking Photo
Fulton County Sheriff's Office/Getty

The fact that a mugshot is involved in this fight automatically earns it top honors. Porsha and Kenya just couldn't stop during the RHOA sixth season's first reunion, and ultimately, Porsha jumped off the couch and knocked Kenya over, taking host Andy Cohen – who tried to intervene – out in the process. Cohen sent Porsha home and Kenya ultimately pressed charges; Porsha was later charged with misdemeanor battery.

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Psychic Allison DuBois Demolishes Kyle


At a dinner party of Camille's in season 1 of RHOBH, psychic Allison DuBois was the guest of honor. After the ladies hammered away at Allison all night for a reading – much to Camille's annoyance – she finally told Kyle (after more than a few drinks): "Your husband is going to stop loving you once your kids grow up, so just be prepared for that." The night went downhill from there.

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Nene and Kim Fight En Route to Florida


After Nene planned a girls' getaway that Kim turned into a stopover on her season 3 "Tardy for the Party" tour, the RHOA friends got fresh on Kim's tour bus. "What Kandi does is work, what you do is not work," Nene fired off to the budding pop star. (Watch it here.)

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Jacqueline Sits on Robyn in Vermont


On what was supposed to be a relaxing season 7 RHONJ trip to Vermont, Jacqueline got into it with Teresa's friend Robyn, who the Housewives star deemed one of "Teresa's soldiers" — a friend who only says yes. After calling her out, Robyn got riled up. "I'm not a soldier to Teresa," she yelled. "I make my own decisions and I don't need you, who doesn't know me and who shouldn't judge me, to call me a f---ing soldier. You're f---ing making me mad right now. What is your problem? By you f---ing calling me a soldier makes me want to rage on your ass." "Do it!" Jacqueline screamed back, turning her backside toward Robyn. "Do it! Rage on my ass." She then sat on Robyn, who did nothing but scream and curse until Jacqueline got up — and then threatened to punch her in the face.

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Vicki Yells About Threesomes on a Canadian Moutaintop


On a Canadian ski trip in season 8 of RHOC, Vicki confronted Lauri for telling people she had had a threesome in New Orleans. Lauri denied it, insisting that she never said that Vicki had necessarily had sex with those people she saw. (She did, however, say: "I walked in and she was in bed with another woman and they were both in bed with another man.") What followed was Vicki shrieking about threesomes and sex with multiple partners that she did not have for approximately several hours.

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Ramona Throws a Wine Glass at Kristen


It takes skill to hit a swimmer in the lip with a wine glass while sitting on a boat, but Ramona did just that to Kristen on a season 6 RHONY getaway gone bad. Ramona, mad at Kristen for telling her she wasn't doing enough to help Sonja sort out her business ventures, chucked her entire wine glass at her frenemy as they relaxed in a lake in the Berkshires. As other Wives tended to Kristen's split lip, Ramona kept it classy, calling Kristen "a f---ing bitch."

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Leeanne Threatens 'to Kill' Marie


It started with something quite silly — a story about LeeAnne pooping in a car — but it escalated into a full-blown burst of rage and death threats from Real Housewives of Dallas's LeeAnne to her friend Marie, the one that leaked the now-infamous fecal news in season 2. LeeAnne's outburst took place late at night, during a girls' trip to Austin, and was caught on Cary's iPhone camera for all to hear. The rest of the episode centered around LeeAnne and her threats of violence, with the other women voicing that they feared for their safety. LeeAnne later spoke to PEOPLE about the incident, saying her anger stems from the abuse she suffered as a child, and that "my mouth takes over, my brain shuts down," when she's angry. "When I say things like, 'I'm going to kill you' – how many times have you heard a parent, even characters on sitcoms say that? It's slang to me," she said. "At any point, Marie could have walked away from this argument. She could have gone upstairs. I wasn't holding her in a corner, I didn't have a weapon in my hand, all I had was my mouth."

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Sheree 'Shifts' Kim's Wig


Sheree got herself into the middle of a Kim/Nene spat on RHOA season 2 and did what she could to show Kim who was boss: tugged on the blonde's wig. "I did not try to pull it off, I did not want to pull it off," Sheree said in her defense. "I just wanted to shift it a little bit." In the end, problems weren't solved, and Michael Lohan (yep, father of Lindsay) swooped in to whisk Kim away. (Watch it here.)

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Bethenny Threatens Luann Over Skinnygirl & More


"She's so deeply unhappy that I think it kills her to see me happy," LuAnn said after brawling with Bethenny in season 8 of RHONY over how involved the former Countess said she was with Frankel's Skinnygirl brand. It opened a can of worms for the two, who then went after LuAnn's now-husband Tom D'Agostino and her lack of support for friend in need Sonja Morgan. "I'm like, you wanna f—ing go? I'll take you by the neck outside," an agitated Bethenny vented to Ramona. "I'll f---ing smash her with a reindeer antler."

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Kelly vs. Tamra — and Everyone Else


On a RHOC getaway to Ireland in season 11, Kelly suggested Tamra's estranged daughter no longer spoke to her because she was a liar. That obviously didn't go over well, with the two butting heads even after Kelly apologized (Tamra just couldn't accept). Later in the evening when the cameras stopped rolling, the rest of the OC crew ganged up on Kelly over her comments, catching some of the drama on cell phone video. The evening ended with Heather calling Kelly trash — and Kelly in tears, asking to go home.

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The Atlanta Guys Brawl


Fights weren't just for the ladies on season 6 of RHOA. At her pajama party, Nene stirred the pot by revealing that Kenya told Natalie that her husband Christopher told her they were in a common-law marriage. Christopher got up to defend himself and lurched at Kenya; her assistant Brandon came to her defense; suddenly Peter was up pushing everyone back and Apollo took Brandon down (you follow?). The crew ultimately intervened and what followed were lots of tears. And lots of jaw-drops from viewers.

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Teresa's Table Flip


On season 1 of RHONJ, Teresa made history when she set the bar for Housewives brawls everywhere by fully flipping a table and calling Danielle a "prostitution whore." (Watch it here.)

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