February 19, 2010 12:00 AM

During a post-shopping lunch in San Francisco, Alexis, Tamra and Gretchen confronted Vicki over comments made during Lynne‘s housewarming dinner party about which of the women (and their husbands) work and which ones don’t.

“If you want to have this conversation now, I’ll have it now,” Alexis said, clearly wanting to get something off her chest.

“Bring it on,” Vicki replied.

But when Vicki’s pal Tamra joined the conversation, saying, “You tend to say things that are offensive and you don’t even know it,” Vicki couldn’t take the heat.

“Tamra, I feel, has been my friend,” Vicki said later. “She’s always had my back. Sitting there at that luncheon … she didn’t have my back.”

Then, Alexis jumped in: “Everyone here obviously has an issue. There are five girls here and out of those five girls, four of them say that you say things that are offensive sometimes.”

“Is this Hate on Vicki Day?” Vicki asked. “This is not happening right now at this … lunch table.”

Alexis: “I’m trying to help you.”

“You don’t need to help me. I’m good,” Vicki said. “You don’t even know me.”

Soon, Vicki left the table. Her daughter Briana — who is waiting results on a biopsy to find out if she has cancer — explained: “She doesn’t like to be ganged up on. When her back is up against the wall she freaks out.”

Briana and Tamra then left to retrieve Vicki and were eventually followed by Gretchen, Alexis and Lynne, who just wanted to know “what did I miss” while she was in the ladies’ room.

“This is not a gang up,” Alexis said. “I swear to you.” Still, Vicki said the confrontation was “unforgiveable.”

Once they were all back at the table, and apologies were exchanged, Alexis led the group in a prayer, complete with quotes from the Bible.

“All I could think the whole time was, how many flavors of dysfunction can you taste in this lunch?” Tamra said.

Tell us: Team Vicki or Team Alexis? What did you think of the rest of the episode? Will Lynne and Frank stay together?Bravo

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