Real Housewives of Dallas star Stephanie Hollman is not letting Brandi Redmond walk away from their friendship
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Stephanie Hollman is not letting Brandi Redmond walk away from their friendship.

The two Real Housewives of Dallas stars haven’t spoken to one another for the past four months since Redmond cut off communication with Hollman after the 37-year-old blonde wrote a blog suggesting Redmond’s marriage was “a recipe for disaster” and “like watching a slow motion car crash.”

And while Redmond hadn’t yet told Hollman why she was angry, Hollman was anxious fix things when the two Dallas Housewives came face to face at a group event on Monday’s episode.

“This has been the hardest four months of my life, honestly,” Hollman told Redmond. “It’s been so hard. But I know it’s been hard for you too. I don’t even know what I did but I wish I could go back and make it perfect. I can’t, but I can fix whatever is broken now.”

Adding to the stress was the fact that Hollman’s husband and Redmond’s husband, Bryan, are best friends, effectively blending their families.

“Our children our friends, our husbands are friends,” Hollman said. “It’s about seeing your kids forever, they ask all the time to see your kids. I feel like we’re hurting people we love for this. It’s not fair for them.”

“You’re like a sister to me,” she added. “It feet like literally my sister just left me one day.”

Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman
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Her plea worked with Redmond, who agreed that the two would meet one-on-one to hash out their problems. “I literally felt like I had to step away from you because you didn’t appreciate our friendship,” the 39-year-old redhead told Hollman, giving her a hint about why she was mad. “We’ll talk.”

That surely should give Hollman some relief, who had called her friendship with Redmond “the most important friendship I’ve ever had.”

“I felt very rejected and I shouldn’t let it bother me but it does because the one person who was supposed to love me like a sister threw me away like a piece of trash,” she confessed earlier in the episode. “I don’t understand it. But I’m just scared that things can’t be the same because so much damage has been done.”

LeeAnne Locken
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But Hollman had more problems than just her relationship with Redmond.

A text message she had sent to to Redmond warning her estranged friend to beware of fellow Housewife LeeAnne Locken had gotten back to Locken — and Locken was none too happy.

“Honestly, you scare me and I feel like you’re manipulating,” Hollman told Locken when Locken confronted her about it. “[Brandi’s] my friend and I love her and I want to make sure she’s protected. I don’t want you to do anything nasty to her.”

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Locken kept her cool but still stood up for herself. “Look in the mirror, bitch,” she told Hollman. “All this talk that goes on behind the scenes needs to stop. Sitting there and throwing me under the bus to try to hurt her is not an appropriate thing.”

“[Brandi’s] my friend, and I haven’t done anything nasty to her — unlike you,” Locken continued. “You have a problem with me and you texted Brandi instead of coming and talking to me about it.”

Hollman apologized, telling Locken, “If I hurt your feelings, I’m sorry.”

Her words didn’t seem to comfort Locken. “You’re not sorry, that’s the thing,” she explained to Hollman. “Do you see how quickly it rolls off your tongue?”

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