By People Staff
Updated November 20, 2009 12:00 AM
Credit: Mitch Haaseth/Bravo (2)

It’s the end of an era! In her fifth season, Jeana Keough is leaving The Real Housewives of Orange County and said her goodbyes on Thursday’s episode. Her reasons? She’s fed up with all the drama that comes with being a Real Housewife and said her family and real estate career demand her attention.

How can she be fed up with the drama when we love it so much? It’s probably not as much fun when you’re in it and, although she’d been on the sidelines of “Tamra vs. Gretchen,” she and Vicki were starting to get into it. With her kids at home and her divorce almost final, Jeana decided to skip Tamra’s private shopping party to barbecue at home with her sons Shane and Colton and daughter Kara. They looked like a happy family and Jeana, cleaning up after it was all over, seemed satisfied to step out of the spotlight. Of course, Housewives come and go, so don’t be surprised if this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Jeana.

Back at La Perla, an upscale lingerie boutique, Tamra and her husband Simon welcomed Gretchen and Slade, Lynne and her 16-year-old daughter Alexa, Vicki, and the new Housewife Alexis and her husband Jim. The tension between Tamra and Gretchen seemed to melt away while they tried on frilly undies and the nervousness Alexis felt about meeting Vicki wasn’t warranted because the last of the original Housewives was on her best behavior.

There was awkwardness, however, when Lynne looked Alexis up and down, wondered if she ever ate and asked if she’d used a surrogate to have her twin daughters (she meant it as a compliment). Also, Jim said, “It’s not our reality for Alexis to go into a lingerie store, try on lingerie and come out of the dressing room when there’s men in the store.”

“There are things that are for my husband’s eyes only and myself in lingerie is one,” Alexis explained while her man hunted for a bustier he noticed on one of the store’s models. Double standard or helpful husband?

Tamra noted that at a pool party at her place, Alexis’s “knockers” were on full display. Bathing suits are one thing and a bra and panties are another, Alexis declared. Splitting hairs or perfectly reasonable?

Rules are rules, apparently, and in our first real introduction to the couple, we learned that they live a very “structured life” that puts God first, their marriage second and their kids, 3-year-old James and 20-month-old twins Melania and Mackenna, third. Good thing they have two nannies! We also learned that Alexis and Jim take time out for lunch dates and that Alexis likes margaritas — only if they’re done right — and can be a high-maintenance diner. Beyond that, she and Jim live a life full of “moral fiber.”

Speak of … Gretchen and Slade slipped away to Scottsdale, Ariz., where they lounged by the pool and discussed their own traditional values. While Slade may be poor, he feels rich thanks to his loving relationship with Gretchen. In fact, he’s up for reversing a vasectomy and having the four children Gretchen has always dreamed of. Later, at a burlesque-themed birthday party for a friend, Gretchen let loose and danced around a pole with a stripper. –Aaron Parsley

Tell us: Will you miss Jeana? What do you think of Alexis and Jim? Should Gretchen and Slade have kids?Mitch Haaseth/Bravo (2)