Bill Rancic Blogs About 'Ready For Love' Premiere

The host writes about the series premiere, Tim Lopez's first date and the lovely frontrunners

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Bill Rancic is a successful entrepreneur, first winner of The Apprentice, current host of America Now and star/executive producer of Giuliana & Bill. He’s now the host of NBC’s Ready for Love and will be blogging about the series for Follow him at @BillRancic

When Giuliana and I were approached about being the hosts of Ready for Love, it was a no-brainer for us. Everyone wants to find that one person they’re meant to spend their life with; Giuliana and I found that in each other and it’s a true honor for us to be part of a journey that could help others have what we’ve been blessed to find.

Funny enough, Giuliana and I actually met when she was interviewing me after I’d won The Apprentice, so we know first hand that love can blossom in the most unexpected places.

What’s so incredible about this show is that it really possesses an integrity that hasn’t been seen on other relationship shows, and I think everyone will be blown away by what’s to come this season.

We kicked off the show with Tim Lopez, our resident rock star from the Plain White T’s. When I met Tim, the first thing I noticed was how genuinely sincere he was. And if I’m being honest, it’s not what I was expecting from a rock star.

You’d expect someone with his level of success to have a certain arrogance or sense of entitlement, but all of that is completely lost on Tim. He really is ready to find his wife and is completely committed to this process. I got to hand it to the producers for getting Tim on the show. He’s the real deal.

Love at First Sight Unseen
The blind selection process of choosing the women really intrigued me. We all know that men are visual creatures and I wondered how it would all play out. I can say the wall does create a certain sense of mystery that leaves a man very interested.

I truly saw Tim connecting with the women based on who they are. And when you’re looking for that relationship that’s going to last the test of time, having a legitimate connection is the real deciding factor.

There were a few women that stuck out to me from the beginning. When Siham started speaking in French, I could only imagine what was going through Tim’s head. There’s something to be said about those romance languages! When Giuliana speaks to me in Italian – Oh, mama mia! Hailey slipping in a line from Dumb and Dumber really paid off, too. Us guys pride ourselves on being able to quote obscure movies lines at any given moment, and for a woman to pull that out of the hat was impressive and a good way to get noticed.

The big shocker came when Leah, one of Tim’s friends from Austin, surprised him on stage with her secret feelings. The look on Tim’s face said it all. It was a curve ball and a definitely a gutsy move on her part. But if you’re not willing to take a risk when it comes to love, don’t come on a show called Ready for Love. I think Leah’s actions spoke volumes, and it paid off when Tim invited her to come around the wall.

Rockin’ First Date
The date was unbelievable – and I’m sure unlike any first date the girls have ever been on. Not only did the ladies receive a special performance by the Plain White T’s, but also a private serenade in the recording studio from Tim. Giuliana and I loved the song Tim sang and you could tell the girls were swooning.

If there’s anything a guy wants to accomplish on a first date, it’s to impress the girl he’s with. Having a rock star strum a six string and croon a love song he wrote? Good move, Tim.

I was paying close attention to Leah throughout the date since she already had a friendship with Tim and I was curious to see how they’d interact in front of the other girls. The most shocking moment came when she pulled Tim aside to have a private conversation, both of them completely unaware that the conversation was on blast for all the girls to hear in the playback room!

I talked to the producers about it afterwards and found out a microphone was accidentally left on after they had finished recording. I think all the girls knew Leah needed time with Tim to figure things out, but none of them expected a front row seat for that moment.

Watching Tim’s intimate date with Hailey – it almost seemed like these two already knew each other. You could tell they were comfortable and the compatibility really seemed to be there, too. I mean, Hailey did drop the F-bomb … uh, “flatulence.” If that’s not comfort, I don’t know what is. Tim seems to be falling for her unfiltered charm and when Hailey got emotional, you could tell her heart was completely in this.

Tim’s alone time with Christina proved to be melodic when she gave him a private piano performance. I don’t claim to be a musical expert, but I’m pretty sure there was a whole other performance going on with Christina’s eyes! Holy moly! There was some serious chemical attraction in that room. You’d think they went to the oyster buffet before sitting down at that piano. It just proves that sometimes words aren’t necessary.

Giuliana’s Tough QuestionBack at the stage, Hailey took some heat from Amber for her potty talk and Christina admitted she’s feeling heat with Tim. But what surprised me the most was my wife. Everyone had been dancing around the definition of Leah and Tim’s relationship. When Giuliana asked Leah if she’d ever been intimate with Tim, I couldn’t help but smile. The woman knows how to get to the bottom of things and this certainly is no exception.

Leah’s wavering answer gave no one any clarity, though, and she eventually got sent to the garden. Tim sent her home and I hope his decision at least gave her some clarity and closure about their relationship.

Tim’s week was unbelievable. It’s tough to determine the frontrunner so early but if I had to pick, I’m thinking, Hailey, Jenna, Sarah L. and Siham. Then again, there is an undeniable chemistry with Christina and I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her yet.

I can’t wait for you guys to watch next week as Ernesto chooses between two former Miss Universe contestants and Ben gets an unexpected visit from an ex-girlfriend!

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