The Everybody Loves Raymond star says that having his adult kids home during the pandemic has been "kind of enjoyable"
Ray Romano
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Everybody still loves Ray Romano.

The actor and comedian, 62, whose hit TV sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond is available on the new streaming service Peacock, understands why the series still resonates with so many viewers.

"Unfortunately it’s because they saw themselves in it," he jokes with PEOPLE in this week's issue. "People like to laugh at themselves and know that we’re all sharing those same good times and bad times."

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Everybody Loves Raymond

Being at home with his family during a pandemic has had its perks and cons. "Well I haven’t worn pants in four months," Romano says. "I’m not kidding. Look, it’s hard. It’s crazy. We have three more episodes to shoot of this [HBO Max] show I’m doing, Made for Love. And we were about to go into pre-production for a movie I wrote with my writing partner. We’re still kind of working on it."

One thing he doesn't mind is having his four adult children — Alexandra, 30, Gregory, 27, Matthew, 27, and Joseph, 22 — with wife Anna, 57, back at home at times during the quarantine.

"Well, we have the 22-year-old who's here anyway. And we had twins, who have their own apartment a couple miles away. So they've been back," Romano says. "And my daughter has a house in Venice, California. And she'll spend a week here and then go home. ... She has a roommate so she doesn't know what to do. She takes after me. It's actually kind of enjoyable in fact. But they're adults. I can't sympathize enough with people who are quarantining with little children."

ray romano with his family
Ray Romano with his wife, Anna, and their four children
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As for what he's learned about himself while at home, Romano says it's the little things that have surprised him. "I discovered that going four days without showering is really not that much different from five days," he says. "For the gross factor, it kind of flattens the curve."

Plus, there are always his silver linings. "I’m not a hugger," he adds. "And it’s not that I don’t like hugging people, it’s that I’m too insecure to know whether I should hug or shouldn’t. So this has taken that stress off my back when I see somebody."

Everybody Loves Raymond is now streaming on Peacock.