By People Staff
Updated November 21, 2008 12:00 AM
Credit: Jeffrey R. Staab/CBS

As Sugar told Crystal on the eve of tribal council, “Tonight is going to be the funkiest night of your life! Wait for it. Wait for it.” And it certainly was, as deliberately abrasive Randy Bailey, 49, a wedding videographer from Eagle Rock, Minn., confidently played Bob‘s fake hidden immunity idol in a ploy to oust Susie, only to find himself bounced from the game. Here’s how the delicious turnabout took place:

Idle Idols On Day 29 at the merged Nobag camp, Bob has a private chat with Sugar and shows her the fake idol he made during his trip to Exile. Sugar is secretly happy that Bob, Randy and Corinne still don’t think that she actually found the real thing. In another private conversation, Randy and Corinne both revel in their hatred of everyone else, with the possible exception of Matty, who Randy hopes can flip to their alliance “because the credibility of the others is, like, crap.”

The Cookie Conundrum At the Survivor auction, Randy spends $180 on three beers and a bowl of peanuts. Kenny wins the ability to send someone to Exile and picks Bob. Sugar wins chocolate and peanut butter. Susie claims a hot bath and Matty buys a hamburger, fries and a soda. Randy bids again and gets spaghetti, garlic bread and a glass of wine. For the seventh item, an advantage at the immunity challenge, Corinne maxes herself out. Only Kenny has enough to outbid her but he chooses not to. For the last item, Randy scores chocolate chip cookies for everyone to share.

At first, Sugar refuses a cookie. Randy tells Corinne she can take two but the rest are “his” cookies to distribute as he sees fit. Still trying to be magnanimous, Randy gives Sugar a last shot at a cookie. She takes it but then immediately gives it to Matty. Randy, not happy, later says, “I left the auction broke, full, half drunk and pissed off.” Later, Sugar notices that Matty is trying to take control of the game by suggesting that their group vote off Bob before Randy. Sugar says this is smart to keep a jerk around and vote off physical threats. Matty says the order is Bob, Randy and Corinne.

On the flip side, Bob hatches a plan, telling Corinne, “I am crashing and burning today, making everybody miserable.” He will deliberately get on everyone’s nerves so the will vote against him, and then Bob will give him the immunity idol and they will play it and oust Susie instead. He wants to blindside Susie because she flipped and voted Marcus out, thus setting off the chain of events leading to Charlie‘s departure.

Domino Effect For immunity, the first three contestants to race across a series of balance beam three times, carrying a bag of puzzle blocks, win the chance to set up those puzzle blocks on a platform to set off a chain reaction, leading to a ball being knocked down an incline and triggering a raised flag. The catch: the three finalists have to set up the blocks while crossing through a series of tripwires, which could knock down the pieces too soon. Corinne’s advantage guarantees her a slot in the finals without having to race across beams. Matty and Kenny join Corinne in the second round. Although all three show poise in the final challenge, gamer Kenny ultimately wins individual immunity.

How the Cookie Crumbles Back at camp, Sugar pulls Bob aside and tells him it would behoove him to vote for Randy because it would buy him some time and if not, she has another plan. Bob is uncomfortable being dishonest about the nature of the fake idol but he admits it will save him for at least another tribal council. In an aside interview, Randy crows that “Bob showed it to me. I am especially thrilled that he is willing to give it to me. There will be some surprised tonight.” Indeed!

The Vote Comes In At tribal council, the cookie caper is rehashed. Randy said he was testing Sugar with the cookie and offered it to her twice. Jeff asks Bob if he thinks are dancing around the subject of the immunity idol and Bob coyly says, “Oh yeah, are bringing up the immunity idol” and he made sure not to let anyone know if he had it or if he didn’t.

For the first time during the vote, a contestant chooses not to whisper. The rest of the tribe are startled when they hear Crystal saying out loud while voting, “You have made my life hell from Day One. Forget you, go home, goodbye.”

As Jeff makes the traditional announcement about vote reading and if anyone has the hidden immunity idol to play it now, Randy strolls up to Jeff to hand him Bob’s handiwork. Jeff declares, “This is not a hidden immunity idol.” Sugar busts out in laughter. And when Jeff adds that all votes against Randy will count, everyone knew what would follow — a trip to the jury for Randy. — Cynthia Wang

Tell us: Was Sugar sweet in convincing Bob to fake out his old ally? Are you sad that Randy was ousted from the game? Jeffrey R. Staab/CBS