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Whether she’s squirming around Simon van Kempen and Alex McCord or calling out her other Real Housewives of New York castmates on things she doesn’t like, Ramona Singer isn’t afraid to “say it like it is.” On Tuesday’s Housewives reunion special, she took a lot of heat after blogging about her castmates, but on the second half of the Watch What Happens special, airing Thursday (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo, Ramona fights back. Calling from New York, Ramona tells PEOPLE why she felt attacked by her castmates and explains her spats with Bethenny Frankel, LuAnn de Lesseps and Kelly Bensimon. — Brian Orloff

How do you feel the reunion special went?I really felt that I was attacked. On the opposite couch you had Jill Zarin, Bethenny and LuAnn. I sat down and go, ‘This setup isn’t good,’ because with every question that was asked of me, the three of them were pouncing on me. They were attacking me. Why am I being attacked for being myself? I don’t try to be someone I’m not, like some of the other . I am who I am and I tell the truth. Maybe sometimes I’m a little unedited. I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings. I don’t do anything with malicious intent.

You and LuAnn rehashed your spat this season. Why do you think she was so upset about what you said? And do you regret it? Maybe she’s upset she married an older man. Maybe at that point her marriage wasn’t going well and she wanted a younger man. The point is she attacked me for all the wrong reasons. We all knew when we were filming the second season — and we even knew the first season — her marriage had problems and she was living a double life and so was her husband. And then to sit there and tell me she married her soul mate? She didn’t marry her soul mate otherwise they’d still be married.

What can we expect from tonight’s episode?On the first episode, I didn’t want to lower myself to their cattiness but I actually did this coming episode. I finally lost it at LuAnn because she was pretending she was something that she wasn’t, and I don’t like fakeness. And at one point she starts going after me, saying, ‘Ramona, you and the crazy eyes.’ Well, hello, I’m expressive and on top of that I wear contacts. I have a major seeing problem. I got so mad when she said that. I just lost it and I went right back at her like a real catty woman.

Can you explain what you wrote about Bethenny on your blog?I happen to like Bethenny, okay? But the truth is she is still single at 37 and there’s a reason she’s still single: She doesn’t know how to date men who are proper marriage material. She doesn’t date for marriage.

Kelly also took a lot of heat this season. What were your impressions about her joining the cast?In all sincerity, I didn’t enjoy filming with Kelly. There’s just nothing there. There’s something missing. You know what I’m saying? I’d rather film with Alex and Simon. I get more spice out of Simon and Alex.

After all the drama on Tuesday, are you still on speaking terms with your castmates?I saw Jill a couple of times since then and that’s okay. I saw LuAnn and that’s okay. Bethenny, I haven’t seen since. Alex, I don’t really have a relationship with nor do I have one with Kelly. It was definitely an intense day. It was very heated. And you know what? It is what it is.

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