April 05, 2017 10:00 PM

The broads of the Big Apple are back for a new season, but it’s the same old drama.

On Wednesday’s premiere of the ninth season of The Real Housewives of New York Citythe hot topic of conversation was — yet again — Luann (de Lesseps) D’Agostino‘s relationship with now-husband Tom D’Agostino, Jr. — a controversial pairing that fueled much of the fighting during the hit Bravo franchise’s last outing.

As fans remember, it was alleged during season 8 that Tom had previously dated Ramona Singer and had a friends-with-benefits relationship with Sonja Morgan — claims he continued to deny throughout the season.

Then there was the real bombshell, when the 50-year-old businessman was spotted kissing another woman at the Regency Hotel – days after popping the question to his then-fiancée.

While Luann, 51, agreed to forgive Tom for his indiscretion – and the two eventually tied the knot in a romantic New Year’s Eve ceremony — many rumors about their romance were still buzzing when the RHONY cameras started filming for season 9, thanks to one Ms. Singer.

Ramona Singer and Luann D'Agostino
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Hurt that she was excluded from Luann’s bridal shower, Singer addressed the situation with Housewife Dorinda Medley —  claiming that while Luann and Tom love each other, they’re both in an open relationship and date other people. “She’s the same way as he is,” the 60-year-old reality star said. “They should just confess and stop pretending they’re something they’re not. They like to have some open time with each other!”

So where exactly was Singer getting her claims from? A friend of a friend’s in Palm Beach, apparently, whose son was allegedly approached and propositioned by the former Countess.

“[Luann] was just in Palm Beach,” Singer claimed. “She went to the ladies room and she was hitting on a guy who is 30. And he was finally so taken aback by her — because she was like ‘Where are you going to be tomorrow night? What are you doing tomorrow night?’ — that he finally said, ‘I have a wife!’ His mother went to my girlfriend’s mother and said, ‘What the heck’s going on?’ “

Medley was shocked by the claims, but Singer suggested there were more — some even dealing with Tom. “I’m just giving you the facts, baby,” she said. “And you know what they don’t realize? It’s a small effin’ world. Everyone talks. They can get married. I’m just telling you, he’s going to get hurt. She’s going go to get very hurt. Because when he’s away, he plays.”

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Of course, this being reality TV, news of Singer’s snooping quickly got back to Luann.

“Do you know that she called Tom’s ex girlfriend in the middle of the night in California, digging for information?” Luann asked Medley. “It’s true. Tom is actually friends with his ex girlfriend like I’m friends with my ex-boyfriend, Jacques. Healthy people have healthy relationships!”

When Luann confronted Singer about the calls, Singer defended herself — and balked at Luann’s claims that Tom’s ex was lying.

“Why would a girl who is still friends with Tom go to the [press] and be quoted that, ‘Oh I was still with Tom — he’s kissing me and calling me every day. We were kissing and I could have done more with him if I wanted to?’ ” she asked. “If they were friends, why would she want to lie?”


Luann and Tom D'Agostino
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An answer didn’t come from Luann — but Singer didn’t really care.

“Bottom line is, I’m happy you’re happy,” she said. “And you can turn a blind eye to the girl and the other girl. … I don’t understand why you can’t take in what people tell you. You just want to pretend like this didn’t exist. I’d rather you say, ‘You know what Ramona? So he kissed this girl, so he screwed this girl — who cares? I don’t give a s—. I want to be married. We’re soulmates. He can do what he wants on the side.’ “

“Would I be happy in her situation if I were like that? Absolutely not,” Singer confessed to viewers. “I need more from the man I’m with. I’m nervous that she’s hiding her head in the sand and that is concerning.”

Luann wasn’t hiding though. “It’s not turning a blind eye. I know what I have and I’m strong as a woman, she said. “And if you don’t think I’m strong, then you really don’t know me at all. Tom and I are solid in our relationship, and I’m not going to listen to the fodder of all of you girls anymore. That is over. That is so last year for me.”

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“He had a past,” she continued. “This is not the kind of relationship we have. Tom and I are together. There’s no open relationship. We are together, we’re getting married. I’m a big girl and I know what I’m doing. … This is going to be a really special year.”

Her message came loud and clear to Singer — but the divorcee had one final piece of advice for her friend.

“You should advise your husband-to-be that it’s a very small city,” Singer said. “He’s doing things that are, like, not good. He’s got to reel it in because it’s going to hit you in the face and I don’t want to be there to pick you up. … I hope you don’t fall on your face with him.”

Looks like it’s going to be quite the season.

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Wednesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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