'Bachelor Nation' Battle! Rachel Lindsay Takes on 'Shoop' for Lip Sync Battle Against Ben Higgins

Rachel Lindsay faces off against Ben Higgins for the championship belt

It’s a Bachelor Nation battle!

In an exclusive sneak peek from Thursday’s episode of Lip Sync Battle, former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay takes on Salt-N-Pepa’s hit “Shoop” to face off against The Bachelor‘s Ben Higgins for the championship belt.

During the performance, Lindsay can be seen dancing along to the music in an oversized black bomber jacket and a pair of jeans shorts.

Proving she doesn’t need any backup, Lindsay dances solo on stage while Higgins watches on.

“How many of us have not sung that song, danced to it in the mirror,” Lindsay says after her performance. “I love that I’m representing Salt-N-Pepa today!”

And while she certainly has the crowd’s approval, she also manages to impress host Chrissy Teigen.

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“How are you that hot and a lawyer?” Teigen jokes.

Later during the show, Higgins will transform into Bon Jovi by rocking a long wig and leather outfit for his rendition of “You Give Love a Bad Name.”

Lip Sync Battle airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on the Paramount Network.

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